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  1. Congrats on your wedding at Beach Palace. PLEASE post your pics, I can't wait to see them Dana
  2. Congrats, it's right around the corner for you SO exciting! Do you mind answering a few things for me? How many guests you're expecting? Where are you hosing your reception? (if you're having one?) Are you doing a rehearsal party at all? If so what are your plans? Did you decide on the complimentary pkg or one of the color themed ones they offer? Did you choose any outside vendors? Thanks for your help! Dana
  3. Hi there & Congrats to you as well! We're getting married in November 2012. Still on the fence with which location. Beach, Cancun or ??? I really love BP but am having such a hard time finding pics, post, info etc... That's the main reason I started this thread. My hope is that other Beach Palace Brides will chime in. Do you mind if I ask why you choose BP over others? Would love to hear your feedback and decision process .I haven't seen pics of the indoor space but I know it exists. I believe this is where they host weddings if it rains as well... Good luck & happy planning! I
  4. Thanks for the post and all the info, I'm stillon the fence. Beach Palace is starting to look like the winner. where else are you considering?
  5. Has your Fella ever mentioned the quality of the restaurants, or size of property? We're going to have 60+ people so thats basically a hotel takeover. We're afraid our guests will feel trapped. Congrats & Happy Planning!
  6. I'm torn between 2 Palace locations but totally in love with BPC. Where are all the Beach Place Brides Past, Present & Future??? We need to start a new thread to share the details of all Wedding plans & eperiences at BPC! Hope to here from you, Dana
  7. That's great! I can't wait to see what you find out and would love to see pics! Good luck, Dana
  8. I'm so grateful to have found this thread. I too am considering the HRH Punta Cana however, we're having concerns due to the mixed reviews out there. It seems people LOVE it or Hate it and there are very few wedding reviews I can find. This property seems to be perfect and offer so many options to their guests. We're planning to get married next fall and will have 60 guests and a few children. We feel obligated in many ways to assure a spectacular time for them. Due to the cost and lack of reviews we're super nervous. I spent quite a bit of time today reading this entire thread and it seems
  9. Wow, this post was so helpful and gives great insight to a few of the topics I was most concerned with. Thank You! I'm also thinking about Beach Palace in the early Fall of 2012. My guy and I have stayed at Palace resorts in the past and have always loved them. Where was your reception and how did that work for you?
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