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    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

  2. LovesJakeyPoo

    Adorae rose....

    thanks this makes me feel so much better....leaving for wedding in 6 weeks!
  3. Can anyone post or email me the little guys? I don't have Powerpoint and I want to put them as the label on the top of the bag, I saw someone do it awhile back and now I can't get a template that I can stretch =( They are all tiny for the first aid kit and in power point....Thanks!
  4. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Has anyone had a reception here yet?? I have kinda a small party but I still want one bc my dress was so expensive and I would like to wear it longer than jsut the ceremony =( what can one expect???
  5. I think I like the mermaid one better it's more beachy and is shows off your slim figure!
  6. I haven't bought the first aid kits so idk what to expect size wise (I know they are pretty small) I don't work much with powerpoint, do i just print the first aid stick figure kits straight out and it fits on them, or do i hae to do something with the size? thanks! first aid kit label.doc oh sh!t kit.doc Ibuprofin Labels.doc Imodium Labels.doc Wedding Week Survival Kit.ppt
  7. March 2, 2012 Hard Rock Punta Cana!!
  8. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    I think maybe it is the time of year....but Idk why our rates are so much higher Boarding Pass Invite Proof1.pdf
  9. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Yeah we are doing the wedding group...It's supposed to be 10 percent off whatever the rates are at the hotel....What rates are you getting? The good thing about the group wedding is that we can get group incentives such as free unlimited events and refund for couple.... I think we are paying 223 per person...
  10. I know what you mean! I got the Adorae rose they are amazing dresses!
  11. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Of course!! I know I have had so many questions can't wait to be more helpful!
  12. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    We were thinking Majestic Too but the HR just kept calling our names! But hey if you can do both awesome!
  13. oh yeah that's awesome totally considering this!! they quality looks good from here...do you reccomend?
  14. LovesJakeyPoo

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    I was told we get to talk to them 90 days before wedding....I need to talk to them too just to find out if we can bring our own cups....