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  1. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. Attached please find two pictures of the items that are available. The blue is the chair sash and the orange is the table runner. All are still available!
  2. Hi everyone!! My wedding has come and gone and it's time for me to finally part with some wedding decor. I have 50 aqua colored organza chair sashes for sale as well as 5 orange organza table runners. Sale price for all items is $15 + shipping. I live in Westchester NY, if that helps to calculate shipping. The dimensions for the items are as follows: 50 - Aqua organza chair sashes: 7.5x108in 5 - Orange organza table runners:12x108in All items have only been used once for my wedding day and they are in mint condition! Please email me at cuteness628@yahoo.com, if you're i
  3. My husband called him on Fri and wouldn't you know this morning he sent me an email WITH the Fed Ex tracking number for our video. We should receive it on or before Wed! Hallelujah! All the emails I sent and the two phone calls to him was definitely worth it. He definitely needs to work on customer service and keeping clients in the loop re their paid in full product. I will let you guys know the quality of the video etc. once we watch it. For what it's worth I am expecting nothing but the best!
  4. Writing reviews and posting them are definitely on my list. I'm over his promises already. I just want my video.
  5. A text?? Please do keep us posted. There are about 5 of us that I know that are in this boat and waiting for our video to come. He told me ours would be here tomorrow, I'll let you guys know. I'm praying we get it soon.
  6. What can we do seriously to report this guy? This is not fair to us considering we all live in the states. Is he a scam artist?? Only one other bride on here said she received her video in 2 months. I'm fed up now. We paid in full was promised a product 30 days after we wed and here we are 3 months later still freaking waiting. We need to research if there's a reporting agency in Jamaica that we can contact.
  7. Please check your private messages! I've been trying to get in contact with you re the video status.
  8. For anyone that used Roxroy how long did it take for him to send you your wedding video? It's going on 3 months since our wedding and we have not received anything yet. He keeps promising but promises must are for fools...This is ridiculous now.
  9. Hey R! Congrats on your big day! You looked beautiful! Am I mistaken or didn't you have another upcoming photographer booked prior to Marcia?
  10. How long did it take past brides to receive their marriage certificate from Nicole/Tiffany after your wedding? I obviously can't change my name yet here in the States until I do but I am anxiously waiting and hoping it will arrive soon!
  11. Hey everyone, I haven't drafted up my review yet because I was still trying to readjust to being back. We'll be happily married come this Sunday! Anyhow I just wanted to know how long did it take past brides to receive their marriage certificate from the Suites? I obviously can't change my name yet here in the States until I do but I am anxiously waiting and hoping it will arrive soon! I will try to start drafting up my recap of our beautiful day this weekend!
  12. Congrats my fellow September bride! I have yet to even begin my typing my review. Still trying to adjust back in being back home and happily married. How cool you were in room 3233 and when we were there or room was 3234! You and your husband looked beautiful! Enjoy and congrats again :-)
  13. Hey everyone how did your weddings go?? Ours was beaaaaaaaautiful! My photographer sent us back some teaser pics that I will post a link to. I just wanted to check in and see how your day went. ~Tiff
  14. OMG Wendy 11 months??? I hope that does not happen to us. I'm praying we will get ours in less than 2! Were you able to change your name beforehand with anything? Probably not because you needed the certificate. What a joke that it took so long!
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