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  1. Hi gals, I just wanted to chime in. I'm going to do a more thorough review later, but I wanted to jump in here and put up something quick about our experience with Diana at our wedding a little over a week ago. She was an absolutely amazing wedding coordinator. She was super nice and went well above and beyond what we expected. We went over everything with her before the wedding. They had everything in her file correct, there were no surprises. There were no hidden last minute fees. We gave Diana all of the things that we brought from home for her to hand out, put on the tables, s
  2. Thanks for the review and information! It's very helpful. Can you provide some more information about the tents that you used? Who provided them? Did the GCR provide them? How much extra were they? If you could PM me any of your pictures, I'd be happy to post them. Thanks so much!
  3. I just received this e-mail message: Anybody know anything about Elvy Arroyo? ---------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you once again for choosing us to hold one of the greatest days of your life! It was a pleasure to meet and greet you and at the same time I just wanted to thank you for the oportunity you gave me to assist you with the planning process of your wedding!.....with a great deal of sadness I regret to inform you that I´m leaving due I´m starting a new project and I will not be able to continue helping you with your wedding plans &am
  4. No prob. Really nice of Cassie to share her pictures of the Albatros Terrace. Vanessa, I thought I remembered you saying you were holding your reception at the Villas Terrace, did you change it? What time is your reception? If anyone else has reception pictures they would like me to post, just PM me. I'm happy to do so. Quote: Originally Posted by Vanessa C Karielk: Wow thank you so much for posting those pics! The terrace looks beautiful! I'm happy we are having our reception there!
  5. Hi All, Cassie323 sent me these photos of the Albatros Terrace to post for everyone to see. I think the Terrace looks like a beautiful spot. Thanks, Cassie!
  6. Congrats! Dreams Tulum looks great. Next November will be here before we know it. =)
  7. Just FYI: this forum is run by a travel agency that specializes in destination weddings, so from what I've heard, out of courtesy to them, we are not supposed to publicly promote our TAs. I would strongly recommend sharing any advice on those matters in private messages.
  8. I know! It's so exciting that we are now under a year! =) We just got our save the dates printed, so now we just need to address them and send them out.
  9. Excited to be a Maggie bride now too! The sample was a size or so too small, but I just love it! Can't wait for mine to come in. =)
  10. Vanessa C: you need to have at least 150 posts before you can open attachments on here. Until that point, your best bet if you really need to see something is to PM people and ask if they're willing to email you the attachment. LChavez: To post photos in messages, you have to first upload them to a site like Photobucket. I think other image hosting sites (flickr?) might work too. Here is the link to the thread explaining what you need to do: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ok-here-16832/
  11. LChavez, I don't know about whether the Chapel works differently, but we're having ours in the gazebo at 3 pm. We just asked for a different time from the ones they listed, and they said yes. And we don't have to pay the $400 charge.
  12. If one person isn't Catholic, they will need to get a waiver from their local Bishop. When they sign up for Catholic pre-Cana preparation, they will be able to learn about that. It's really mostly just a formality.... Then, once they have met the requirements of their local diocese, they have their priest send the info to the Cancun bishop, and he okays it.
  13. Cindy, that's a beautiful dress! I'm still a bit confused, though. Did you order the dress in a size to fit the bust and then still add inches on the neckline? Or was it the size to fit your waist/hips etc.? It sounds like a great option--thanks for the tip!
  14. A quick response, then a bit of a vent for myself: I'd recommend dresses with a corset back, which give much more freedom to customize the size to the body part. Alterations can also help I'd guess, but if you have a corset back, you won't need as much. I tried on corset backs, and they give a lot more support too. As for myself, I just went on my first wedding dress shopping trip. I'm a bit frustrated because I'm much bigger on top too. I'm a 36 H bra size and wear street size 10 dresses; in bridal; I'm around size 10 or 12 at waist and hips and size 16 or 18 on top. The problem i
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