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  1. Hello! I have 3 MoriLee 767 Bridesmaid dresses in Tiffany Blue for sale. Size 6 Size 10 Size 18 They have never been worn! I love the dress, but we ended up finding something else that was better suited for our wedding! I bought each of them for $116.00 and would like to sell each at $75.00 or best offer. (shipping not included in the price) Here is a photo of the dress style: http://store.perfectbridal.com/Mori_Lee_767_p/mor_767.htm
  2. We're staying at Villa del Arco, getting married on the beach and having our reception at El Faro. It's going to be beautiful!
  3. What is everyone doing for exercise? I'm doing the turbofire workout!
  4. My weight and photos have been sent! So exciting!
  5. I have tried the ACV on more than one occasion and just can not stand the taste! I wish I could though as I know there are so many benefits!
  6. YES!! Count me in! I get married in less than 12 weeks! Yikes!
  7. I'm a Cost Analyst for an electrical company!
  8. I'll sign up whenever it is! I need to lose the lbs now haha
  9. It's her nose that makes her look a little like Fiona! I was thinking that last night when doing the video haha
  10. I started this video yesterday! I am SO sore today! Is anyone following a certain eating plan at the same time or no?
  11. I'm getting married at Villa del Arco in November, so will be happy to share my experience & photos with you. We're also going down for a visit in July!
  12. Great! Do you know if anyone has set up a Biggest Loser Season 10? If so, I would like to participate in that one too. It's easier to lose weight when you know you have to weigh in every week!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Oryx WEIGH-IN DAY!! Come on ladies, we are almost at the finish line! When is the final weigh in day?
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