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  1. We had the free package cake. It was meant to only serve 10 people but easily served 30 wiith a whole tier left over that we ended up throwing away. The cake was yummy with a rich butter icing on and we were allowed to pick from vanilla or chocolate or a combination of the two. We had a mixture and both were moist and tasty. I wouldn't advise using an outside vendor myself as we loved our cake but its up to you. If you have an outside person come in they will try and charge you for a vendors fee.
  2. Its the Riu weddings website. Once you have gone to your resort and picked a package it asks if you want any extras and the price is given. At the time we booked (may have changed now) these website prices were far cheaper so we took the printed web page and she gave us that price.
  3. This is the same price list as we were sent for a 2011 wedding. However the website prices were lower so I queired and was given the lower website prices. In particular the steel band was increased a lot from the website. I can't believe they charge people $1000 for the plantation for a reception and then they give it to couples for free anyway if the steak house is busy! Madness! We had it for 3 hours for nothing.
  4. We only ended up in the plantation because there were 3 weddings on our day so the steakhouse was already busy. We had 30 people and we were all in one long line. A far as i know you can have a T shape if you have more people but still i imagine that would be a long T!!! Perhaps you could have a few tables instead. They set up a table in the corner with our cake on. We had our own waiter for the night who took our order and brought out our food and wine. Service was SLOW and we didn't all eat at the same time because it would have been cold. As long as you are relaxed about this sort of thing you will be fine. Jamaican brides do not stress! We did our speeches first with a champagne toast and then ate after. We didn't touch our cake at all as we were full so we saved it till the next day. It was very tasty and more than big enough for the 30 of us (in fact we threw away the bottom tier as we couldn't eat it all). In terms of the ceremony the only thing we paid for was the runner. The flowers and fabric are always on there for every wedding. We did not pay for this. You really have to watch the WC as they try to charge you for loads of stuff. Plus the price of things is ridiculous! My advice is to defiantly keep it simple and let the location do the talking. You don't need anything apart from that beautiful blue sea and the palm trees. Don't waste your money on flowers which don't even last 2 minutes in the heat. We did have a steel drum band for an hour and this went down well with our guests. They played before the ceromony and after and did canon in d whilst i walked down the aisle. They were great and really set the tone of the day. However....the WC tried to charge us nearly double the price for them and it was only because i have a printed email with the cheaper quote that they gave it to us for $350
  5. I walked bare foot. There is a fair bit of sand you will need to walk on to get the the runner so that could be a issue. My pageboy wore sandals and he was kicking the sand out of them the whole time! Everyone who was a guest at the wedding wore flats or took off their heels.
  6. This shows how the beach looks with the white chairs (free of charge) and a runner ($60)
  7. No problem I only wish i had more pictures of stuff to show you all. I know it is always reassuring to see how things are set up and stuff. I do have some of the ceromony beach location with the basic free set up: I also have one showing the free tropical bouquet: The ribbon was mine from home which the WC put on for me and I added my nans antique brooch as i wanted something of hers to be with me (she wasnt able to make it to jamaica).
  8. The picture above is what our table looked like for our plantation reception. We took the fans, petals and gems with us from home and our bridesmaid and a few helpers set it up for us. The cake was over in the corner on a little table which was also decorated the same.
  9. I didn't see another wedding until my own so i didn't feel like i was in a wedding factory or anything! On my wedding day there were 3 weddings. I booked in advance for our beach party so i knew we have that secured before we went. I believe one of the other couples also wanted one so i was glad we thought ahead! The mammee bay steakhouse was busy with another wedding on the night so we got a free upgrade to a private wedding reception at the plantation. It didn't make any difference to us anyway. I recommend you book your hair and make-up in the spa ahead of time too as that way you can be sure to get your ideal time. There was another bride in the salon just after us who was getting married before me. During the 2nd week there we heard that 2 weddings had been double booked for the same time and location so they had to move one to later in the day. Apparently the bride was devastated but to be honest i don't think it would have bothered me. It was only moved an hour later. The number of weddings a day varied so some days there were only 2 and others there were 4. One day we sat on the beach and saw 5!
  10. Our ceromony was at 1pm and this was ideal for us. It was not too hot as the beach location is very shaded. We have plenty of time in the morning to get ready which was nice. After the ceromony we had cocktails on the beach and enjoyed the steel drum band which we hired for an hour. Then we went and had pictures done which took around 2 hours (guests who werent required went to the bar and sat and had drinks). After the photos we grabbed a little snack at the italian and then went back to our room to freshen up and chill out for a little bit (our guests all did the same). This was a really nice time of the day as we got to spend some time just the 2 of us and our guests appeitiated the time to chill out too. Then at 6:30 we went to our reception and then at 9pm we started the beach party which finished at 11:30. I am so glad we went with 1pm for the ceromony. I dont know how people do it when they get married later. They must have rushed through everything!
  11. I do not have the Dj's email i'm afraid. Im sure one of the other brides on here said she had it in a previous post on this thread so maybe ask her.
  12. We found the food ok. Not the best we ate all week but tasty enough. Some of our wedding party could not eat their steak as it was so tough but it was quickly replaced when we mentioned it to the waiter. It was the same menu as the steak house and there is a good choice but nothing for veggies (we had 2 people in our group who don't eat meat or fish). Keisha organized for a pasta dish to be made for them which looked nice and seemed to go down well. You serve yourself to starters at the buffet (onion soup and salad) and then the main is brought to your table (we were not able to all eat at the same time as the time between our meals being brought to the table was so long so we just ate as it came). And then you serve yourselves to dessert (selection of cakes, fruit and cheesecakes etc). Alternatively you can slice up the wedding cake and they will provide plates. All in all the meal was nice. It is not what I would expect if I was having a wedding at home but it is perfectly acceptable for a laid back destination wedding.
  13. Hey, We recently got married at ROR. The food was great most of the time but we did find that some of the meals weren't great. We had a few meals at the steak house (before the big day) which is the same menu as the wedding receptions. Most of our group loved the food and raved about it but i was not hugely impressed and worried about the wedding meal all holiday. When it came to the meal itself 27 out of our 29 guests enjoyed their food but 2 of our party literally could not eat their steak. it was so tough. We spoke to a waiter and it was replaced quickly and the replacements were fine. As with all mass catering everything is not gonna be perfect but it was tasty and warm. In terms of venue, we went for the mammee bay steak house but when we went for our meeting with the WC she said that they were busy that day and so we were moved to the plantation (normally this has to be hired and paid for). It was pretty private although there was another very nosiey wedding upstairs. The table was a long rectangle with white talbe cloths and our own decorations. We cut our cake and did the speeches before we ate so our photographer could capture it before leaving and then moved onto to a private beach party Hope this helps
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