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  1. *wipes the tear away from his eye* sniff sniff... Thank you for reposting this Trisha on my profile. And thank you again for all the kind words and support. And PS. I too wish I lived closer down there cause there would be some partying going on (you got a pool right??? ) hahha
  2. My sister is a Jeweler and she told me the best home remedies for cleaning your ring are windex if you are on the go. If you have a silver or gold ring you can put some tin foil in a bowl with warm water and add baking soda to it. the chemical reaction will remove any tarnish from the silver or gold. (I do not know if that works for platinum or any other metals, so I advice not doing that because you never know what it can do to other metals)
  3. Of all the wedding party/wedding favors that I have seen at all the destination weddings that I have done, the biggest hits have been the ones that are something that they can use while they are on the trip with you. customized flip flops and beer koozies have been a huge success. Making a little care package for everyone with things like koozies, flip flops, sun screen, aloe, underwater disposable camera, and things like that are a great idea. It's also fairly affordable.
  4. Thank you Nicole..... And Tammy. it feels good to be back and OFFICIAL on here again. ive missed BDW
  5. JUSTTTT so you all know I started a SECOND blog hehehe. It's for all those that love random trivia in their life. It's called Fun Fact Fridays. www.funfactfridays.blogspot.com . Every Friday I post some new random fact floating around in my head or that I learned that week. Also don't forget my facebook fan page www.facebook.com/jeanmarcusphoto THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT
  6. yay. i looove being stalked. you can add me on facebook. www.facebook.com/jeanmarcus and my fanpage is www.facebook.com/jeanmarcusphoto
  7. oh the red will give this dark sexy romantic feel for sure. i say do some evening shots right at dusk as well cause red dress at night or rigt at sunset or around town would be sweeet. plus the red will be hot with some fill light to make it pop the red belt might work or maybe just a bright red boutaniere or he can wear red lipstick (hahahaha jk)
  8. is anyone elses emails on here totally tweaking out on you. When I click on my new email it starts to flicker and loads over and over and over and I can't do anything while in the email screen.
  9. CANADIAN GIRL... (first off sorry for the dlayed response. BDW.com wasnt letting me know this thread was commented in) funny thing is that i was JUST talking to my bahamas bride about her TTD shoot and she jokingly said red dress thinking it wasnt allowed. And i said that any dress is allowed in the TTD. there are no rules when it comes to your photos. I love the red dress idea. My only concern is that it is tafetta. That is a very tight woven fabric and becomes a little more difficult to work with when it gets wet. It sort of becomes a big balloon when air gets inside and cant escape the wet fabric. So you might have to squeeze it out from time to time hehehe Is the FI wearing black suit or what is he wearing? AND THANK YOU ...I do do jamaica by the way. Just have to work with the permits like the bahamas. They can be an extra added cost so don't do much down in the permit countries.
  10. thats strange. i have NEVER gotten a pop up ad. is it because im a vendor? or is it because I am on a mac? or is it just because advertisers know i will never buy their arm & hammer
  11. thanks Star18... I feel like it was cheating because they were so pretty and the location was so amazing . haha
  12. HAHAHA KIM. I hear that from everyone I show these to. I assure you that they are a legit couple. my portfolio doesn't have fake weddings. only real couples I will pass on the compliment to them though hehehe.
  13. Once in a great while you get one of those weddings where just EVERYTHING works out perfectly. I went down and photographed Tracee & Bobby's destination wedding in Miami. They are both from New Orleans but realized that both had lived in Miami at different times so they figured it would be fun to do their wedding there. Plus all the Art Deco hotels and architecture is just so beautiful. I couldn't have been any happier with the way the photos turned out. The weather got a little cloudy during the day and it rained right before the ceremony for 45 minutes. But as I always say, I think cloudy skies look so much prettier in photos than a plain blue sky. The Sagamore is an amazing hotel if anyone is considering S.B. It's an art boutique hotel and was newly remodeled. We didn't even go off site for any of the photos which I normally do because hotels are so limited photo wise. Not this place. There are about 60 photos in the link below https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=239168&id=63756586297
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