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  1. http://www.messageinabottle.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=17 these message bottles is so cute , want to take one as the gift for the valentine's day and do you think so ?
  2. on your big day, there is so many people will take your keys or lipstick!
  3. you can sale out the one you have boght, and then looking forward the one you like. things will be OK!
  4. Hey there! I saw this on another website at thought it was such a cool idea so I thought I would share it with y'all. Here it is!
  5. 1. DavidsBridal. Famous and trustable but the styles seem too simple and the price is quite high. 2. Forherandforhim.com. Seems a newly-built site, they have some beautiful dresses and they are offering a Christmas sale so the price is very nice. 3. Lightinthebox.com. They have some nice dresses and the price is reasonable, but found too many negative reviews on this site. 4.dailyshop.com. they are lots of excellent wedding dresses and other prom dresses, there are large amount of choices, price also very nice, but there are still some negative reviews. I know this site cuz my friend choose her BM dresses on this site, the quality of dress are not bad. there are so many other online shops about the wedding attires, I ll share with you when I found more sites!!
  6. you need let all the dresses and suits do your ceremony place before you do, and find a local dry-cleaner to store all of them.
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