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  1. I am also an October 2012 Bride! Getting married at Excellence Punta Cana on Oct 8, 2012! I know the feeling, I have the place, and my dress...I haven't been able to do that much because of graduate school, currrently finishing my Masters in Nursing...will be done with this semester in a few days, and as soon Christmas passes, I am going to do as much as I can, before my LAST semester starts...then I won't do anything probably until June! SO I know the feeli ng! But we'll get iT all done and it will be prefect! Congrats!
  2. A good friend of mine got married 7 years ago in Hawaii and did an AHR. What she did was she had the DJ introduce them, they danced, danced with their parents, then cut the cake, and the rest was a party. Itworked for her, and I think that is what I am going to do. We are having about 26 people (only inviting immediate family and bridal party--we have HUGE families) in the DR with us, but to appease other people we are having an AHR, with the traditional stuff. I don't think I want to repeat the speeches, but I guess that is something we could discuss as it gets closer.
  3. We are doing ours about 6 weeks after, getting married the 8th of October, and having our reception 11/24, which is thanksgiving weekend because a lot of our friends and family will be home for the holiday! it is turning into a nightmare, I have to do more planning and organzing for this reception then I do for the one in the Dominican Republic!!!!
  4. Thanks for all the advice! I have plenty of time to decide on what shoes to wear :)
  5. So we are getting married in DR in Oct...and I want it to be legal and my resort recommended me to wedo -- they do wedding documents. Any one have experience? or ideas?
  6. Not sure I posted this in the right place, but I can't figure out where else to post this. This is my problem--or dilemma, I am getting married in the DR in Oct, I am not very coordinated and can't walk in heels on pavement let alone sand, but I don't want to do barefoot either, so I am trying to figure out what type of shoes to wear. I have seen some flats but they aren't that nice and my dress is all lace, so I don't want to wear something boring... Any ideas on where to look for flat sandals that aren't flip flops that I can acutally walk in on the sand! TY!
  7. I am a Boston Bride getting married in October in the Dominican Republic, but we're moving to Chicago, in May/June, so I guess I could be a Chicago Bride too!
  8. I absolutely loved your review!!!! We're doing a very small wedding there in Oct, I can't wait! Sometimes I feel like I am second guessing myself and we should just get married here like some people want us to, but I am glad we are going with our gut and getting married there!!! Is it worh the DJs or should we just make a playlist on our ipod---we are a party of 30? Thank you! Kate
  9. I loved reading your review. We're getting married there in October!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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