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  1. Glad to hear you are back, hope other than the starfish being lost everything else went well!!
  2. We changed our Venue from Punta Cana to Las Vegas. I had ordered a few things an no have no use for them. If you are interested name a price for any of the items..shipping will be determined Vases - 3 with funnel 30 luggage tag holders 18 orange napkins 10 orange chair sashes 3 punta cana totes PM if interested
  3. I only need 12 of these bags would be interested in selling me only that amount? My zip code is 12839
  4. I agree Kay6356 ...a banquet hall is a smart way to go. I belong to my local Volunteer Fire Co as an auxiliary member and I am renting the hall for out AHR. Well that is if it's up and running. We just had a fire in the firehouse, and at this point I may need to find another venue. Hoping to have a definite answer in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, usually banquet halls are cheaper and you are able to do your own cooking etc...makes having an AHR that much more affordable.
  5. I have done that and I went to Target, but I am also going to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I absolutely love that store. We are doing the same thing, if they ask letting them know.
  6. I agree I think she is tacky for saying it too!!! So how did the talk go with the DF? What did he think about it?
  7. I think you just need to ignore your sister-in-laws comment, because I truly believe most people don't think that way! I originally wasn't going to have a bridal shower or register either and most of my friends were like "why not?" you deserve it just like anyone else. And tacky..sorry but that's crazy having an at home reception of any kind isn't tacky!!! Now adays more and more people are going away getting married and having AHR..its more common than not!! Do what you are comfortable with and don't worry about what anyone else has to say. It's your CHOICE no matter what!!!
  8. I am not having that problem thank god. Everyone know is will only be a cocktail reception and they all see totally fine with it. Plus my girlfriend is going to do all the cooking and ordering of the food and we have been able to keep the cost to a minimal....My centerpieces cost me next to nothing to do and I love them.
  9. Yeah we do to and it was a way for us to include everyone who isn't able to travel with us.
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