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  1. Hi all, I have bubba kegs and want to personalize them. I was thinking of getting them engraved, however due to finances (just had a baby a month ago and wedding is in 2.5 months) we can no longer afford to engrave them. Any idea what to use to decorate them and have it last?
  2. My goodness I love your flowers!!! How did you make them?
  3. What kind of veil will you be wearing on your wedding day? I origionally had one picked out but now Im really unsure if I want it or a different style or go with none or with flowers or a tiera... Just wonder what everyone else is using?
  4. If you go to walmart the aloe vera gel is 2$ for travel size.
  5. wow great job! I love the memorial to your dad
  6. I think these are a fantastic idea ! plus a keep sake for those who want them
  7. We've decided to cut down on our luggage needs we're distributing them at the air port. We're all leaving from the same air port so we're going to gather before everyone checks in and hand them out that way they can take what they want from the oot bags for the flight and put the rest in their checked luggage
  8. charitydawn

    Is two AHR's out of hand??

    I will also be having 2 AHR's one for our family and friends here in Moncton and another one for my family in PEI Canada as my grandparents are to old to travel off the island and I really want my grandparents to see me in my wedding dress. The bonus of this is I paid 1000$ for my dress which will be used 3 times lol not just once Both of the AHR's will be potluck with a laptop and projection screen
  9. I know tons of people who do that just a dinner at a restaurant with ppl paying for their own meals. Ppl still want to hear all about your wedding!