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  1. LOL I'm sorry my brain obviously wasn't functioning.
  2. The dress is altered right now to fit someone 4'4?
  3. I'm kind of the same way if someone wants to come they are more than welcome to come. We don't plan on having anyone show up but if they did we would both be ok with it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica I was just wondering what happened to FutureMrsL. She only made a few posts and has disapeared. I was really hoping to see some pics and such of Beaches. OH well. Jammin your a month before me so I will just have to wait a while longer. I was really hoping she would come back and post pictures too. Looks like I will be the first. Let me know if there is something specific you are wanting and I will try my best to get info. At this time the only upgrades I have made were the one hour reception, I changed the cake to three tier, am doing hair and makeup, and massages. Other than that I am going to just take the basic package. Your flowers look really nice. I decided on the fake ones too because I just couldn't see the point of spending the $250 for the bouquet I wanted to be used for 15 minutes and then tossed away. I still have a lot of last minute things to do.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by atlcatlover Initially I liked Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar, but FI says that gives him open reign to peg me with cake. Oh dear you definitely can't use that song. LOL I have threatened divorce if FI smashes cake in my face. I have a list of things though that he knows he will be in trouble for. God bless him for putting up with me. I really like Sugar, Sugar it's actually the song I picked. I never thought about How Sweet It is but I really think that one is great too.
  6. The basic cake looks quite lovely... hmm now I'm going to have to really think about if I want to change it. Thanks for posting
  7. I love your cups. Too bad they have such a high minimum I can't imagine what I would do with so many cups.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by alex Hey ladies! I hope you don't mind me joining your thread. I'm not a Negril bride, but a Negril bridesmaid! lol My friend is getting married at the Sandals Negril on January 5th 2009 & she's a really busy businesswoman so she doesn't have lots of time to join the site so I figured I get some info for her! I hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions here & there because I don't know where else to answer some of her questions! lol Hey Alex- I think it's great you are doing so much. I'm not an official Sandals Negril bride either. I'm getting married at Beaches Negril so I may not be much help but any questions I can answer I will.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy They look really pretty. Where did you find the white starfish, and did you glue them to the ribbon? if so, do they seem secure on there? I purchase the starfish from a seller on ebay. I have to say not one of my starfish was broken when I recieved them. I was super happy. I hot glued them to the ribbon and they are very secure. I am so happy with them.
  10. I was thinking of getting a floral topper for our cake but wasn't sure what size the top tier of the cake is. Hoping someone on here knows the answer.
  11. I think number three looks great on you. Number one is my second favorite.
  12. Sorry I can't be of much help. I have ordered books and electronics from amazon and never had any problems. I'm not sure about clothing though.
  13. I brought my dress to a small local bridal shop and they are charging me between $200-250 to have my the top part taken in about 1/2 inch, have it hemmed, have it bustled, and get cups put in. I wouldn't have a problem shelling out the money except the lady at the shop told me they are charging me more because I didn't purchase my dress from them. That fact to wouldn't have bothered me but they are charging me DOUBLE the norm which just irritates me. If I didn't need to have my dress in a month I would have told her off. The actual seamstress is this sweet spanish lady who doesn't speak but a few words of english. She has been great but everytime I see the owner of the shop I get this irritating feeling. My mother told me I should have hired the seamstress outside of the shop. Oh well live and learn. Shop around early is my advise.
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