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  1. Sooo, girls my wedding is coming up so soon! October 10th will be here before I know it. That means pretty soon you girls will have another LONG review to read with plenty of pics!! This question goes out to all the girls that did a TTD session, is there anywhere that we can walk on the beach to get more interesting pictures... or has anyone went into tulum town to get some pics... I know some girls did pictures at the ruins.... is there a way to walk to the tulum beach ruins or is access only through the entrance to the park? Thank you girls!
  2. Wow, this is the first time I'm hearing both girls say that Dreams felt like a wedding factory, and by your descriptions it does seem so! Starlitk, I feel really bad that you guys didn't get the minister that you talked to, that would be a HUGE deal to me, I feel like the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding and I have been looking forward to customizing mine to be special to us, and also not religious at all! It seems like lately they have been making more and more mistakes and beginning to charge more and more money for things that they never did. Seems like now that they are popular they don't really pay attention to the small stuff and don't cater to your needs as much as they used to, and I'm sure that the volume of weddings they have has something to do with this but I still think its wrong! I'm sorry about venting but with every review this place seems to get worse, and with every question I ask Natalia she tells me that more and more money is needed for the small stuff that they never charged for before! I'm at a point where I might look into doing the wedding someplace else, unfortunately I know its highly unlikely because our wedding is only 3 months away!
  3. Hey Suzanne, I'm so happy to hear the weather held out for you, I was keeping my fingers crossed for ya!! You were such a beautiful and happy bride... I love how the chinese lanterns look strung up like that, how did u do that and how many lanterns did you use? And whats that big glowing blue column? PS can't wait for more pics and of course the review!
  4. Lonna, was your reception by the Dolphin pool? I never saw pics from that angle, I think now I love that location even more than the beach!!!
  5. I think MajikDreams used an outside DJ for her wedding, I sent her a PM about it so we'll see if dreams charged her anything.... I'll keep you girls updated on what the outcome is... I agree that $150 is not HORRIBLE but i would rather spend that on a massage or maybe a tour... But I just reread the whole 2008-2009 wedding guide and since our wedding is in 2009 it should apply, and there is no mention of a vendor fee... so I guess we'll see what they say
  6. Hey Girls, So my fiance and I finally decided that we will hire a DJ to play the music during the reception because we didn't want to deal with controling the music ourselves. I e-mailed Nataliya to let her know that we hired an outside DJ for our event and she told me that they will charge us $150 for that!! I have never heard of that... that fee is not in the wedding guide nor has it ever been mentioned by another bride! I think that fee is rediculous, the guy will only be there for 4 hrs, i understand making us purchase a 1/2 day pass for 55 bucks... but 150 dollars!!! It seems lately they are just adding hidden charges. Now we booked the guy and sent him a non-refund deposit, but had i known i had to pay 150 extra I would have just went with the sound system. It's just very crazy and frustrating that these fees spring up out of nowhere! I liked dreams tulum because they didn't have crazy weird fees for all this stuff like other resorts but now I see i was wrong! Sorry just had to vent.... but do you think I should fight them on it or is this a legit fee?
  7. That reminds me... I contacted the resort photographer to send some samples of their work... this is what he gave me Wedding photo hope this helps a little
  8. Sunbride I totally agree with you about the type of photos a bride likes is a matter of personal opinion, but we actually have so many brides that have used the resort photographers and have posted their pics on-line but didn't know what the photographers name was... and there is no way to track that person down just by knowing what their pics look like. I guess I'm writing so much about this because for the past month I've just been so stressed about trying to decide if I should just use the resort photog or hire someone outside.... we are on such a limited budget but pictures of our wedding are definately one of the most important things because 20 years down the road that's what you'll be looking back on..... why can't this stuff just be easy..
  9. I forgot to mention one favor.... I know a lot of brides will be having their weddings soon and I know that you girls have other things on your mind during your actual wedding (like enjoying yourselves!) but it would be a HUGE favor to all the brides that are considering to have resort photogs.. to maybe get a couple of names especially the really good one and ones that really suck from the brides that are using the resort photogs in future! I know I have seen at least 3 brides on this forum that had amazing pics taken by resort photogs and 2 were recent, but there were some brides that stated in their review that the pics were AWEFUL.. So far we have one name provided to us by BC Bride2be his name was Philimino sp? And Amesharps photographer was pretty awesome too... we don;t have a name but he wore a headband the entire time... and Tremendous thanx in advance to all the brides that can get some more info for us
  10. Hey so I've read a lot of mixed reviews on the makeup application that they offer in dreams... has any bride on here had the makeup applied and was 100% happy with it? My other question is that I know before it seemed like they offered the speakers and microphone for free for the ceremony... and only charged if you wanted the speakers for your reception.... are they now charging to have speakers and mic for the ceremony too how much?
  11. Congrats on becoming a mrs!!! Your pics were really really nice, we are still trying to decide whether or not to use resort photographer... There was another recent Dreams Tulum bride that also had phenomenal pics from the resort photographer and she couldn't remember his name but said he wears a bandana or sweat band on his head.... was that one your too or no?
  12. Ame congrats on becoming a mrs.! Your pics were really beautiful, who did you use as the photographer?
  13. Amy, I was just wondering if you still had your inspiration pic for your bouquet, if you do, do you mind posting it? Ha, I'm getting so anxious waiting for you to post your pics, i keep checking almost every day! I can only guess how you are feeling waiting for them to come in the mail!!!!!
  14. Callie, I have read from a few brides on this site about mosquitoes, did you notice many during your wedding? I usually get eaten alive by them, so if there are many out at night we might consider moving our wedding indoors....
  15. Thank you and your husband sooo much for your great and thorough reviews!! Its a major help!!! It sounds like your wedding was beautiful, congrats on becoming a mrs. The areas where you had your cocktail hr and reception is exactly where i want mine! I was wondering how the lighting situation was during the reception... was there enough light to see dinner and where you were dancing or would you recommend looking into extra lighting? Did the speaker system come with a microphone? Is there any other area where you can have dancing except on the beach?
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