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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Stephanie~ Shay!!!!!!!! OMG I have Missed you!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously woman, I am so glad you posted and I am sooooo happy you are finally going to Mexico! Please report back, with pictures of course! I miss you on the Royal thread, and I am so happy you checked in! I hope you have an amazing unforgetable trip, you so deserve it hun! *big Hugs* Steph, I freakin love you lady! You are one of the main reasons I'm even back here! I missed it too! Hubby and I are SO excited to get away and enjoy some time in Mexico... and I am SO excited you are still making plans to get married at the Royal. This year is going to be great! I'll be in touch with pictures (nothing has changed there, still a picture whore)!, and of course if you ever need to de-stress as your big day draws nearer, just come find me! xoxoxo
  2. I'm just checking in today, and...thought it has been quite a while since I posted, I wanted to extend another HUGE thank you to all that have helped us this past year. After the craziness and excitement of the wedding passed, I really started to feel ... sad...about things. I guess I wasn't able to hold it together THAT well! Anyways...it has just meant a lot that you all were there to support me, and really ... approaching our one year anniversary ... is the most exciting time! Hopefully my next report will be that we're expecting a baby! xoxo
  3. Hello! It's been SO long since I've been on the forum, mostly because it's still a little painful to remember the wedding that could have been! My DH and I were supposed to be married at the Royal PDC last May 7th. Three days before we were to leave, Swine Flu hysteria broke out, and our entire trip, flights, everything...all cancelled. (Our first trip to Mexico was also cancelled due to a hurricane...so this was our second kick at the can)! We had planned an At Home Reception in Alberta upon our return from Mexico (which was scheduled to be the long weekend in May)...thank goodness we did that...as not only would we NEVER have been able to book anything for the long weekend that late in the game, but...it gave my mom the opportunity to find a J.P. and have us married in front of the 150 guests we had invited...something we had not afforded ourselves with the small 10 person guest list that was to attend in Mexico. Anyways...9 months later...we're still recovering from the "loss" of that day we had spent so much time planning. Don't get me wrong, the wedding in Alberta turned out lovely, and ultimately, I still got the guy, so its all good... Its just...we've always felt like ... we missed out on something. I'm not sure if that makes us selfish or what...but... Wow...ALLLLLL that to say...HERE we are today. My husband and I are just a few months away from our first wedding anniversary, and he is taking me to Mexico!!! Third times a charm right?! Not the same resort, but...the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya! We leave April 14th and we plan on making the absolute MOST out of this trip! I just...wanted to tell someone! haha... I'm so excited!!!! Just in case...if you or someone you know if planning a trip to this resort, during this time, you may want to advise them to ... go another week! LOL Just kidding...I don't believe in curses...I don't believe in curses!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by marny61 Your dress is beautiful and I loved the back of the BM dress as well. Congratulations and I am glad you made the best of it. I love that you loved the back of her dress! Funny story actually... At the beginning of April, when she finally decided she wasn't going to lose any weight, as was the plan, she tried the dress on for the first time! She's lucky we live in seperate ends of Canada, otherwise, I would have been over to her place the moment it arrived getting her into it! She kept putting it off, and finally, when she tried it on, it didn't fit. WE were expecting that...but...anyways, she took it to a seamstress, and they removed the full back zipper originally in the dress, replaced it with a half zipper and corsetted back, and I think the finished product was even more beautiful!!!! The long and short of it is...don't wait! BUT..if you do, there are some really talented people out there who can make just about anything work!
  5. That is really stunning....you look amazing in your pics! Congrats Leah. I also really love your set-up in the gazebo...how romantic!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by BlissfulMsMiranda Aw Shay congrats!!! You looked GORGEOUS!! Everything looked amazing, I'm so happy things worked out for you despite all the craziness!!! -xo- Congrats to you too...MRS!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel This could have totally gone south too! No pun intended hey Rach!!! Thank you. It was difficult...but..we made the best of it, and it was a fabulous, memorable two weeks! xo
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Stephanie~ Shannon- Girl you are an inspiration! I know I could never pull it together as you did. I'm sorry you didn't get your wedding at the Royal but as you said before, you still got the guy! I know this was hard for you but it makes me smile to see how happy you are in your pictures. You look so beautiful Shannon! I hope you stay in touch now that you are a happily married MRS! Aww...Steph! Thank you. You helped me so much...to vent and chat at, when I wasn't feeling all that inspiring! Everything did come together in the end...and...we had a beautiful, perfect wedding day. I'll stay in touch, and as always, if you ever need advice, or have questions...email or PM me!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by dcheung1111 Thanks for sharing your pictures Shay - i'm so glad everything worked out for you. You looked beautiful on your wedding day - Congrats! Thanks sweetie. We saw a few weddings while in the Dominican, which was...difficult...but...the holiday was much needed, and our wedding day was...magical! We are going to try to plan a trip to the Royal in the winter...it won't make up for the lost plans...but we have a credit...and we deserve "another" honeymoon!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Sandra&Mario i freakin LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your dress!!!! it's like a modern vintage, it's gorgeous!! who was the designer? It is a Casablanca gown...I can't remember the style number right now, but if you need it...PM me, and I'll look it up for you!
  11. Hi my lovely ladies...and gentleman! Sorry it took me so long to post anything for you... I just uploaded a few pictures of our adventures! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t43132 I'm battling a terrible cold right now, and would love to stick around...but...I'll check back in later! Love you girls...and thank you again ... for everything.
  12. Me and Dad. Cousin of the Groom - what a cutie! The end! Thanks again ladies!
  13. Held in Alberta upon our return...the most amazing day of my life!
  14. More coming.... Snorkel lesson! Our bestman pulled anchor on our Sunset Catamaran! We were surprised with champage and a toast on the Catamaran! Most beautiful bathroom entrance ever! I miss you palapas! They loved their bobbleheads!
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