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  1. DwBride2Be

    December 2012 brides

    OK Seriously ladies! Last week of November!!! For me only 5 more days of work until we head off to CUBA!!
  2. It's always tough deciding, Maybe flight itinerary or prices could help you to pick. In the end it's a shot in the dark, you never know exactly what your gonna get and probably either one would turn out great. Good luck
  3. DwBride2Be

    Edmonton Brides 2012/2013/ 2014...

    Lol, I definitely want some for the honeymoon. I'm thinking ill check out Victoria's Secret and maybe princess lingerie, I'll let you know where I have the best luck! Getting so excited now, I've only got 3 weeks till we leave
  4. What about a shopping day? Or parasailing, or catamaran/snorkelling? I agree I'm not into the spa day, So I'm thinking ill just hang with the girls by the pool or beach and grab a nice lunch or dinner together.
  5. DwBride2Be

    December 2012 brides

    I really don't know...I'de probably have to take a day off, and enlist some help though!! I'm considering it..I think it would be worth it!
  6. DwBride2Be

    December 2012 brides

    OK I just found an amazing DIY project..am I crazy to take this on NOW? Only a month to go! Google - DIY Wax Paper Garland and it'll come up..I can't get it to open on my work computer or I'de post a link for you guys.
  7. DwBride2Be

    Iberostar Ensenachos - Jan 2013

    I stayed at this resort a couple years ago when it was Occidental royal hideaway ensenacho's. Amazing, I loved it!!! But it was adult only then so not an option for my wedding. You ladies made a great choice!
  8. DwBride2Be

    December 2012 brides

    I'm not feeling pressure, I'm just excited!! Starting to get excited feedback from guests too!
  9. They ARE easy! You don't need luck.
  10. DwBride2Be

    Bridesmaid Gifts

    I went all out, we bought our bridal parties outfits, we gave them each $250 off the trip, Then I let the girls get their own shoes and earrings, and I am going to give them bracelets to wear for the wedding. I I probably went way overboard but I also wanted to spoil them. Anyway, It's up to you, just remember being a bridesmaid is expensive and add travel on top of it, so that's why I did so much.
  11. DwBride2Be

    It's really going to happen!

    Awesome! Congratulations!
  12. DwBride2Be

    Edmonton Brides 2012/2013/ 2014...

    Lol, nails!! Omg I forgot those!!
  13. DwBride2Be

    Edmonton Brides 2012/2013/ 2014...

    welcome saves a! Nice to have a fellow Cuba Bride on here!
  14. DwBride2Be

    Edmonton Brides 2012/2013/ 2014...

    I've got 5 weeks left, i need to start getting my self prepped! I need to get waxed - any recommendations? I want someone awesome at it I need a spray tan- I'll do a trial early November and then If it goes well ill do a second one the week before the trip. lingerie- thisis hard because I've never really worn lingerie for FI and so I don't know what he likes. I booked eyelash extensions at indigo lash Lounge in mill woods I want to get a deep conditioning hair treatment and then also go in late November for a color and cut I still need a bit of makeup to bring with me That's just the stuff to make sure I'm bride ready!! Am I crazy?
  15. DwBride2Be

    Official Shoutbox Thread 2012

    I'll be posting pictures after my wedding so you can see how it looks long before your wedding!