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  1. Absolutely LOVE your t-shirts!!! Soooo stealing your idea - it's too cute not to... We are doing 'Wedding Olympics' and were going to have cheesy medals as prizes but.... HA! T-shirts it is!!! We're going to have a volleyball game, pool basketball (hopefully we can get the space), ring toss, sand cake building, water balloon toss, a couple of relay races, i.e 3-legged and over/under. We have a very mixed group with a couple of children, some older folks, lots of sporty guys and some really fun gals so we wanted to try and have at least one thing that everyone could participate in. But, we didn't even think of a drinking game . Yes, we must add one to the list.... Thanks jreist!!!!
  2. I CANNOT believe how time is flying!!!! I'm soooo ready, but NOT at the same time.... It has caused me to actually SIT DOWN and complete some projects. And broke down and booked flight.... connecting (BOOOOO!). But it ended up costing $900 for both of us and we're flying out of our local/regional airport only 20 minutes from home, as opposed to an hour. I just couldn't even stand to look at JetBlue anymore, especially with gas prices going back up...
  3. Awwww I hope you ladies had (are having) a BLAST!!!! So sorry couldn't make it, but had family emergency. Hopefully, there's a part 2 and I'll be able to meet everyone
  4. Ooooh I definitely would love to get together with some other BDW brides! I'm in for June 15th. What time are you ladies planning on meeting?
  5. My cousin just got married there in November (at the Royal). It was absolutely beautiful and we had a BLAST!!! U must eat at the Asian restaurant and, if you are a drinker, have the beautiful rainbow colored drink (the name escapes me right now) it's absolutely delightful!! And the staff there, for the most part, are absolutely fabulous. And if you speak a little Spanish it will serve you well.
  6. Even MORE FRUSTRATING is that JetBlue just posted a great Carribbean sale for 2 days ONLY but PUNTA CANA is NOT included in the sale????!!!!! La Romana, Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata, but not Punta Cana.... Me and my mom have been calling JetBlue ALL DAY trying to get some understanding. I'll update you ladies if there's any good news
  7. FREAKING OUT!!!!! I CANNOT believe airfare is almost $1000.... I am soooo afraid we'll end up having to take a connecting flight and our luggage will get lost. OMG!!! Gas prices are going down when will airfare catch up?!?!?!?!
  8. YaY Shay4966- we have the same colors!!!! I'm almost shocked. I see a lot of brides with Coral but not Teal (well I guess technically your colors are coral/seafoam but close enough). Are you having trouble finding things in your exact colors??? I am able to find everything in pink and turquoise but very few things in coral and teal.... Well, as I find things I'll be sure to keep you updated. BTW - Great find on the savalot site. If anyone is into eco-friendly products or just looking at some other bargains for OOT bags check out www.lafreshgroup.com.
  9. Do you still have the candy scoopers available? If so, can you let me know what shipping is to 10701?
  10. Still have not booked air but, like you, will probably breakdown next week. Jet Blue is making me crazy with rates going up $80, then down $30 then back up..... We are probably going to adjust our original arrival/departure based on airfare. We were going to stay Tues-Wed but have found that airfare is over $100 less when booking Mon-Tues. Still not clear on the price assurance thing from Orbitz...
  11. We are getting legally married here in actual formal ceremony, with all bells and whistles, before going to DR for our DW. The reasons for this is FI's family is not coming to DR (for financial reasons) and we want them to be able to be there for our wedding. The only ppl that will be at both the legal ceremony and wedding in DR is my mom so no one will be the wiser. But, if they did ask I would tell them and I think they would completely understand as the cost and process is extra. And I get to have 2 dresses!!! LOL
  12. Ladies don't fret. People will ABSOLUTELY wait until the last second to book. 15 ppl booked on the deadline date. SMH I have people that I know are coming for sure and they STILL haven't booked (even though deposit deadline was Feb 8th). TAs dates are also not set in stone so ppl can still book after the deadline (at least with mine they were able to). Then there were those that did not go through our TA but booked online via expedia, bookit, etc. I had 3 guests do this even though the price was exactly the same (believe me I was checking for this purpose). Seemed pointless as by doing that they lost the airport transfers that are included in package and had to pay all upfront. Oh well....
  13. Trust you are WAY AHEAD of the game! We didn't even look at resorts until 2 months after we were engaged and sent out STD 4 months after. There is a lot to do but you've got the basics down. The hardest part is deciding on a resort and letting people know. I can see how your schedule will have you suffering from lack of sleep. WOW! But just take it one day at a time, it'll all work out. Def don't beat yourself up , with your schedule I'm amazed you've gotten as much done as you have. I actually find myself looking for things to do these days as I booked photographer, DJ, resort and found dresses for bridal party and myself all in 3 weeks. Maybe that's why I'm obsessed with OOT bags now... hmmmm.
  14. Skygirl - the airlines only designate (or sell) a certain number of seats/tickets to sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak, etc. they hold the rest for direct booking. So all the seats will still be available after Orbitz exhausts its inventory - either through other sites or JB directly. I'm seriously jealous! NY flight has gone UP $100!!! O_O I'm seriously hoping that this will not last long.....
  15. Yes, they are the only ones from NYC to PUJ non-stop as well. And only one daily flight...!!! OMG!!! But, the group rate should discount the current rate saving off top. Then, if the rate does go up, you're already locked in from the group rate. If it goes down, I know they won't get money back but then we already know x amt of ppl are already booked on their flight and most of group will arrive together. I'm not sure how the Orbitz thing works since I haven't ever booked with them, but it seemed like a good suggestion and something to look into. Now, that you mentioned it though, it may only be on package deals.... When I find out for sure, and what group rate may be, I'll be sure to let you know.
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