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  1. Hi! I am so sorry about the delay in responding! I posted information on my travel blog, http://www.CourtneyMara.com, that I think you will find useful. Check the post right before this one. I hope it helps!
  2. Hi, Everyone I forgot to put this on here earlier but I have been writing some reviews and wedding information on my travel blog, CourtneyMara.com. I posted the links below: Wedding (Iberostar & General) FAQs Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Wedding Review My Destination Wedding Timeline Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Review How to Plan a Destination Wedding Excel Chart for Destination Wedding Planning Destination Wedding Recommendations General Wedding Recommendations Hope this helps!! Courtney
  3. Veil is sold! Bridal comb/hair accessory is available!
  4. Quote:Originally Posted by Jmonty25 Hi I'm interested in the both items are they still available? PM me your details including email, zip code, etc.
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by Jmonty25 Hi I'm interested in the both items are they still available? They are still available!
  6. We did a welcome dinner with all 55 of our guests at Calabash. We also did another welcome dinner for 23 of us at the hibachi grill. The hibachi is fun - I just don't know if they would accomodate such a large group. You might as well ask and if not, the Mexican could be fun.
  7. I'm confused. Their website shows availability: http://www.justartifacts.net/flskyla.html
  8. Hi, Ladies I have two items that I am looking to sell. I did not use either of these items. 1) Mantilla cathedral length veil. I bought two veils and ended up using the other one. I am selling it for $40 + shipping OBO. 2) Alfred Angelo hair comb/accessory. I had my hair down so I didn't need a comb/accessory in it. I am selling for $15 + shipping OBO. Let me know if you are interested!! Happy planning, Courtney
  9. I have a beautiful unused hair comb/accessory from Alfred Angelo. I ended up having my hair down on my wedding day so I did not use this comb. I would like to sell it for $15 OBO + shipping. Happy planning!
  10. We used wish lanterns. They worked really well. Nicole was with us helping everyone to do them. It really depends on the wind. Hours earlier it was too windy but when we were scheduled to do them the wind was perfectly calm. We had vanilla and chocolate. They both tasted great. Dinner was slow (not sure of the timing - maybe 1 1/2 hours), but we did speeches, we had the DJ playing music, and people were chatting by the bar. We hired DJ Kevan and he really knows what he is doing. We just provided him a list of MUST PLAY and MUST NOT PLAY. We also met with him a couple days prior
  11. Heather: Are you on the Iberostar RoseHall-Sisterhood of the Traveling Starfish forum on Facebook? I put up some more photos there and information there (https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/125122217571235/?bookmark_t=group). Let me know if you have any questions!! I will try to do a review ASAP, but it may not get done until after your wedding.
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