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  1. Old Navy - they have every color under the sun and totally cheap.
  2. Thanks so much everyone. Looking back, I can't believe how much I did and can't even imagine doing it again, but its amazing how a wedding can motivate you. Now that we are getting close to our 1 year anniversary, I'm not on this sight as much as I used to be so I'm sorry for my late response. My inserts and backgrounds were mostly taken from clip art so I have no problem sharing those. I'm going to post a few here. Yes, it was only the outside that I had professionally printed (cover and back - I was able to fit 2 on a page). I glued the page that had "united states of marriage" and "trip tips" to the cover - that was printed single sided. The other pages were printed double sided so it was only one additional page that was sewed in. I hope that makes sense - it's hard to remember exactly.
  3. Mine are printed double sided with the exception of the cover which was glued. I had to play around with the order a bit too but I'm pretty sure the Aylee template had instructions on the order.
  4. I found the map doing a Yahoo picture search. I just inserted the picture into the template - probably had to play around with setting to move it to the background, etc. It's hard to remember now - so many projects since this one!
  5. Noticed the typo before the wedding but figured no one would notice. People hardly read the programs and I couldn't bear to start over.
  6. The ribbon went through the existing holes. They are pretty fragile but the larger ones are a little sturdier so it was fine.
  7. That's odd, I haven't had to do anything. I've been able to use my Bahamas marriage license for everything and no ones given me any trouble. It can't be a state thing can it? I mean most things I'm changing are national - social security, passport, banks, etc.
  8. Congrats on all you accomplished - sounds like everything is really coming together! And for anyone considering the Junkanoo, its a must! Our guests LOVED it and it really did get the party off on the right track. The second site visit is so key - you really get to work out the details and fine tune everything BEFORE the big weekend. For anyone who can fit it into their budget, I highly recommend it. What a score with Wildflowers storing your stuff - I didn't even think to ask them. By the way, our first dance was the same song, but the Frankie Valli version.
  9. I used 2 sticks of wax for about 40 invites. But that was really stretching it - by the end I was burning my fingers becasue I had so little left.
  10. The cake was made by the on-site Atlantis bakers. I provided a picture of a cake I found on The Knot and they were able to duplicate it. The flowers came from Wildflowers - I fell in love the blue orchids the moment I saw them on their website.
  11. Thought I'd pipe in with a post-wedding point of view. We were adamant about NOT registering - we simply did not need anything. People kept hounding us (particularly those who were not attending) but we did not give in. I guess we got our message across because other than a few random little gifts, almost everyone gave cash or American Express gift cards. It was awesome and just what we wanted and we didn't have to deal with any fees that "honeymoon registry" websites charge. We used all the Amex cards when we checked out of our honeymoon hotel (room was prepaid, but all those food, drink and spa charges add up). For those of you on the fence, don't register just because people tell you to - do what YOU want.
  12. If you are having multiple tables with 8-10 at each one, then table assignments is enough - the specific seat doesn't really matter. But if you have one big table, then I think you need actual seat assignments.
  13. I dreaded doing the seating chart. I had been going over it in my mind based on preliminary guest counts and then we had people back out and then some "surprise" guests. Some tables were pretty straight forward with groups but some had to be split and some had to be merged. My rule of thumb was to put everyone with at least one other couple they knew. We had 4 tables - 2 had 9 people (this was where we stuck our last minute guests), 1 had 8 people and 1 had 7 people. So don't worry about getting them all to be the same exact count. It looked fine and I doubt anyone even noticed. We also had one table that was mostly our wedding party (plus dates/spouses) but also put some friends there too. We threw away formalities and put people together who would actually talk to one another.
  14. I gave out the bags at the welcome party the first night. I had to buy water and snacks in the Bahamas plus assemble all the bags so they weren't ready immediately. When I checked with the hotel about delivery, they said they didn't do it before guests checked in because there is always a chance that the room would change. The delivery was in the evening which would have been after our party so it didn't make sense for us. Also our resort would not hold them at the check-in desk. it worked out well doing it at the party plus I got to see people's reactions as they opened them. I wouldn't recommend giving them out at the airport as airlines are so strict now adays with carryons. Your guests may already a suitcase and carry on and then the OOT would put them over the limit. I didn't do iron ons. I ended up having them screen printed through the company I ordered from since the minimum was only 25. I'm soooo glad I did it that way. Sure it cost more, but as I learned with most of my DIY projects, there is trial and error involved - its no big deal when you're dealing with paper but if I screwed up a bag or 2 then it would have cost me more.
  15. I can't say for 100% sure, but usually they only apply the minimums because doesn't pay to print just a few. You should definitely call and find out about blank ones - the company is so nice.
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