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  1. futuremrstgun... or is it the member formally known as futuremrstgun... but, can we call you MrsTGun now that the big day has come?? quick question... i keep asking myself, "self, what are you going to do after the wedding is over and you have all this time on your hands?". Tell us the truth, are we going to go into wedding withdrawal? and congratulations, everything was beauuuuuuuuuitful! <3
  2. Hi BusyBee, cute idea using them as thank you's! I glued the boxes together to help them hold tight. And then I taped the lid down using clear packing tape. I think I just did the lid, but I'm sure you could do the sides if it made you feel more comfortable. All our's arrived in perfect condition and like I said, I'm not sure how some of my guests didn't understand how to open the box!
  3. Trimalusta, Thanks for the report! I'm so nervous about it! I spoke with a flight attendant when we flew down to the Bahamas on September and she suggested we pay extra and get the extra leg room seats as they are the first to board. I'm also going to be flying out on a Tuesday morning so hopefully the flight won't be too full. If push comes to shove, I'm prepared to buy the dress its own seat!
  4. Hi Ladies! I have to share my new obsession with swarovski crystals! I've been jazzing everything up with them! Here's my Story... well the picture version, anyway. These are my wedding shoes. They have inspired me and perhaps, changed my life These are our reception dinner menus: I created them on Word, included our Monogram and printed them out on parchment paper. Then my MoH and I burned all the edges and used spray glue (my new best friend) to attach them to this beautiful gold cardstock that I found at an art supply store. THEN!!! I attached 1 9ss Swarovski Crystal to the base of Monogram. Ta-Da! And then.... I decided to add swarovski crystals to our personalized matches. We had ordered them for beau-coup and we weren't crazy about how they looked. Add 3 crystals using a little super glue and wa-la! next up... my wedding programs! PS you can pick up swarovski crystals on Amazon. The 9ss cost $9 for 144 but they look like a million bucks!
  5. Hey Kathy, You have to take your marriage license and apostille to city hall to convert it to a US marriage license. are you using matthew sweeting as your officiant? If so, he tells you exactly what you are supposed to do (and for a small fee, he'll do everything on the bahamas side for you). hope that helps! D
  6. Hi Mrsmessick2b, We got our Junkanoo band thru Jose ageeb, our DJ. We are paying $1100 for the basic show which I think is 8-10 members junkanoo-ing for 20 minutes or so. It is a bit steep but it's a sure fire way to get the party hopping. Have a wonderful time in the Bahamas!
  7. tamara! Thanks for adding your experience and tips! Totally wish I had hand written the addresses. that was so frustrating! Glad you got some inspiration
  8. sorry for all the typos! i posted from my iphone and i'm still getting used to it
  9. This is one of my biggest fears! I spent a good 3 weeks researching options. Here's what I found: Shipping it: Chances are, if your on this site, your getting married in an international location. If that's the case, you may have to ship your dress as far out as a month before the wedding! You can get insurance but you have to understand that that means if they lose your dress, you'll get your money back BUT notching dress! Imagine not having your dress for you weekly?!? Plus it cost several hundred dollars. No thanks. Checking it: You can get either a box for your dress or most wedding salons will offer to pack it in a suitcase for you. But like another bride mentioned, you see how those guys handle luggage and chances are you or someone you know has had their luggage lost on an international flight. Plus, can you imagine how wrinkled your dress you be after that flight? Again... No Thanks! Carrying it on: Most airlines will accommodate a wedding gown in the overhead bin. However, if your dress has a very full skirt, it might now fit. Now most planes have a pilot's closet. I suggest buying a few books of godiva chocolates and bribing the crew (there's usually 2 pilots and 1-5 crew). That way if the dress doesn't fit in the overhead bin, they'll be more likely to offer that area. Another (often overlooked) option: Buying your dress a seat!!! You can buy your dress a one way ticket to ensure it will fit on board. I'm considering using my miles for this. I'm not getting a round trip ticket because I can cramp the dress into one of the suitcases that had our OOT bag stuffings. Just saying
  10. Hey girls, Thanks! I burnt the edges myself. I did 60 message in a bottle save the dates so I'm an expert on parchment paper scorching. And I'm doubling my place cards as our guest book
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