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  1. To the person who wanted the Pre-Travel newsletter just let me know where to send it and I can email it to you. Thanks again ladies!! I can't believe it's been almost a year!!!
  2. nicoleswrld

    Etiquette advice needed :-)

    Thank you ladies for all the advice....I am still undecided as of right now. I think I might go over this thread with FI and see what he ultimately thinks. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! -Nicole-
  3. So we are getting married in Punta Cana on May 13, 2010. My FI's cousin announced shortly after us that they were getting married May 7th at an at home wedding. We were fine with it as most of my FIs family is coming for only half of the week and that way they can attend both. BUT here lies my dilemma, We sent out invites to EVERYONE whether or not we thought they were going, since we are also having an at home party. We knew their invites were going out and even though we could not attend their wedding we thought we would still receive an invite. We never received one and then a couple of days later I get a FACEBOOK message from his cousin saying " I know you will be in Punta Cana for our wedding so I didn't send you an invite, but you know you guys are invited." This to me means..."I didn't want to waste money on an invite for you BUT we still expect a gift cause technically I invited you." And I am a little pissed off ....FI feels the same way...Also, we never recieved a thank you for our wedding shower gift to them.... I am not a crazy stickler about etiquette but I mean come on.... What do I do?!?! Gift....or no gift on sheer principle?? lol Thanks in advance ladies!! :-) -Nicole-
  4. nicoleswrld

    Cocktail Reception???

    Hey ladies, At first we were going to just have a casual backyard BBQ but now FI's mom offered to pay for a reception somewhere. So we have picked a really nice venue in Newport, RI. It is just a cocktail reception with stations and whatnot. Has anyone else done this and wore their wedding dress again? Or should I just buy something white but more casual This is so confusing :-)
  5. Hi Jessica, could you email that document to me? Just wondering if it's different from the one I have already. Thanks :-)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jhartford19 Your cake topper is fabulous! How did you make your STDs? I used a template from one of the ladies on here. And then just designed it. I used and x-acto knife to cut out each one. Which was a paaaaaaaaain!! I used an eyelet from micheal's to secure the hole in the corner and put a ribbon through it. Lauren, One side of the tag said, "Good friends and a gentle breeze Are blessings that make our hearts sing. Nicole & Matt May 13, 2010" And the other side said, "Starfish Symbolism The star -- as well as the Starfish -- are seen as celestial symbols and as such, they represent infinite divine love. In addition to love, the Starfish also holds characteristics such as guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition. In Christian symbolism the Starfish represents the Virgin Mary (Stella Maris which means Star of the Sea) who lovingly creates safe travel over troubled waters and is also seen as an emblem of salvation during trying times. May your travels be safe. May your love be both infinite and divine." Hope that helps ladies!!! -Nicole-
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 Awesome...thanks for posting! Good luck on your upcoming wedding! I love the cake toppers in fact that's what I was thinking about tonight...what to do...the crystal letters are so expensive! Thanks for the great tips! Question: What were the letters made of that you used for the Cake Topper? Wood? They are from AC Moore and are the Monogram Cake Toppers in the wedding section. I think they are made from plastic. -Nicole-
  8. Hey ladies, Thanks for the positive feedback! The Gatorade powder packs I actually got from Rite Aid Pharmacy. The glitter was fun and easy to use. I used a paint brush to paint on the glue and then sprinkled it with the glitter. I also bought wood letters for the I DO from Michaels painted then pink and glitter-fied them as well lol Forgot those pics.... -Nicole-
  9. So this has been over the course of a year but WOW it's only 1 month away.... Save the Dates & STD Letter: Used a lot of ideas from here (thanks everyone) This was the most time consuming but I loved how they turned out. Sorry about the glare on the newsletter. Raffia Fans: I bought fans and starfish charms from Oriental Trading and wrapped with satin ribbon. Wedding Week Survival Kits: To put in the OOT Bags……Immodium, Motrin, Bandaids, Powder packs of Gatorade, Aloe Vera, Off Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Shout wipes Cake toppers: Bought from Michaels…..painted with glue and dipped in Martha Stewart glitter Luggage Tags & Pre-travel Newsletter: Bought the self laminate luggage tags from Target (4 to a pack) and then bought print yourself pop out business cards from Staples. Very easy to make!! Mailed the newsletter and luggage tags out this week (3 weeks prior) Playing Cards for OOT bags: Just used Sticker paper and printed them all then had to cut them out. It wasn’t as annoying as it sounds lol…. I think that’s it for my DIY stuff!! Thank you ladies for all of your inspiration. I couldn’t have done any of it without all of you!!! Feel free to ask me any questions or if you need anything!!!! -Nicole-
  10. nicoleswrld

    Majestic colonial- open bar!

    Wardes who took over for Claudia just told me about that new flat fee option! So it is correct.
  11. nicoleswrld

    Majestic Colonial Info

    Hi CnC, We are at the colonial.... I asked Claudia and Maritee about doing the first dance at the steakhouse and they both said it's not very private and there is already music playing so it might be weird. But when I asked about possibly doing the first dance and father/mother dances at the gazebo she said that is fine. So that is what we shall be doing...
  12. nicoleswrld

    Carseats & transfers??

    I actually haven't found anything as of yet :-( I think we are going to have the airport shuttle here in the US hold onto our carseat for us. I heard from many different people that they just held their children on their laps....so we will see :-)
  13. nicoleswrld

    Bridesmaids Song???

    Thanks ladies...always so helpful :-) -Nicole-
  14. Just wondering....I want something fun for the 2 bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to but then I want traditional Pachebel Canon D for when I walk down the aisle. Is there anything "fun" that the girls can walk down to but that isn't too weird to transition into my song? Or should I just say who cares and do whatever? lol Thanks!! Nicole
  15. nicoleswrld

    Majestic Colonial Info

    Hey girls.... Our ceremony is scheduled at 2pm at the gazebo and dinner is not until 6:30 so we are planning on doing our "first dances" in the gazebo immediately following the ceremony. And then getting appetizers to have with the champagne toast next to the gazebo. Has anyone done this before?? I feel like it's silly to rent an area for only 15 guests and 3 special dances. The WC has ok'd it but I'm always fearful that she is just okay-ing me and then when we get down there she will be like....you can't do that. lol Thanks, Nicole