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  1. Lol no I don't follow college football. Thank you!
  2. here's a cheaper option, get shot glasses at your local store, and if you have a print shop (does car decals and graphics for shirts) they will put whatever you want and you can just stick them on yourself. I got some travel mugs at the dollar store and went and got the decals, they only charges 3.00 for all the decals. (total of 6)
  3. Brand new with tags still attached it is a size 8 but it looks a little big I would say it would fit a 10, and could always be altered to fit smaller. Tangerine orange, long satin dress with an attached sash. Cost 99.00 + tax and like I said tags are still attached, it hasn't even been tried on. We decided to go with something else. selling for 50.00 plus shipping. send me a PM if your interested or want to see pictures. thanks all!
  4. I'm interested in 3 turquoise. Can you put up pics so I can see the shade of turquoise? thanks
  5. OH!!! also I would like the bride and groom luggage tags
  6. if the bikini or pillowcases become available please let me know. Or please tell me where you got the pillowcases. thanks!
  7. I use a glue called E-6000. Its a craft glue and can get it at walmart or any craft store. Once they are on there they do not come off.
  8. I'm changing. I found a little black dress with a draped back, that I couldn't resist.
  9. Well if she would be willing to pay for the flight then I would let her cover that and as originally planned have her in the wedding and if she can't pay the flight then I'd just tell her it is out of the budget and she should just focus on school. As for the other BM since the cabin has to be paid by twos anyway I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind paying, since they couldn't help losing their jobs a little annoying but it has to be covered.
  10. okay newest pet peev of mine... my fiance won't stop saying freedom fries and freedom toast. and &*@# along those lines.. seriously wtf? STOP THAT!!! he drives me nuts
  11. maybe she can get her Yoda to use the force to bring a toyota into her life... O.o
  12. those are my colors too. I picked D but I think it was a tie between C and D for me. However, all choices are nice.
  13. Hey I sent you a PM about one of the conch shells, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. hello. I'm interested in one pack of starfish charms and one of the flip flop playing cards
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