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  1. Hey everyone, I leave in 2 days for my wedding and I will definitely post a review when I come home. I am having my wedding on the colonial side and doing a 2nd week at the elegance club. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to get them answered for you too. I can't believe a year has come and gone. Time flies! Congrats and good luck planning, your day will be here before you know it. As for times, we are doing ours at 4pm. We are having a symbolic ceremony with Pastor York and doing a first look moment and pictures before with Phil Steingard. I can't wait to meet both of them! We also booked Diego from Brightlights for our video.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by LilRebel Thanks a lot for the answer. I'm aslo hoping that is the case. I still have no clue about how many people will be coming, so I didn't even get to ask that question from one of the coordinators. But I would hope, that Colonial and Elegance are considered to be the same resort, when it comes to weddings and guests coming over from one to another. They are not considered the same hotel! I went May 2009 for a site visit and asked this question. Guest from colonial can not use the restuarants, bars, etc at the elegance site and vice versa. Day passes are needed. Your best bet is to have everyone book on the same side. There isn't that much of a price difference and both are very nice but they are two separate resorts. My fiance and I decided to have our wedding on the colonial side and are staying 7 nights there with our guests, we then are moving over to the elegance club for another 7 nights after the wedding when most of our guests are gone. If you are still in planning stages I strongly suggest having everyone book the same resort, otherwise it will create more headaches and will be more costly for everyone. Sorry for the bad news but I know I checked into this when I was there and don't want you to get any surprises or extra charges, because you will be charged $50/person for everyone who is not a guest of the resort you are having your wedding on.
  3. Thanks everyone! The H will be in coral pink but for printing purposes everything is black so it is easier to trace onto the runner.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just wanted some opinions for a monogram I made that I am going to get blown up and then hand paint onto fabric to make an aisle runner. Any opinions, comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated! If you have any ideas of something I should add or take off, let me know that too! Thanks! P.S. I made it my signature pic since I couldn't figure out how to upload right now!
  5. Hi Nicole, Can you post what the card on the fan says? I did fans too with starfish (my theme) and love how you included the meaning! I'd really appreciate it! I arrive the day after your wedding! I'm sure it'll be amazing! ) Thanks, Lauren
  6. looks really good! If you need extra pashminas I have a few to sell and have a few colors.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by saint1984 I'm getting confused by all these add -on. I basically want three things 1. wedding ceremony at gazebo 2. free dinner at a restaurant (decorated with my table cloths & sashes etc) 3. beach party with a lighted dance floor and DJ and cake cutting I don't see why I have to pay extra for open bar at an all inclusive resorts that just sounds nuts!!! I mean can I have a beach party and guest just walk over to the bar and order their drinks? You are paying for the beach to be set up nice for you, lighting, and the sound system and the bar because you need the bar. It's your wedding and you don't want your guests who are paying a good amount of money to have to walk away from your party to wait in line at the bar with other resort guests and walk back. The party on the beach is really cool! I've seen it! From a distance stand point, the nearest bar isn't far, however time ways you will waste alot and you and your guests will miss out on things. Every resort charges extra for open bar for private functions. I know it sucks but think about how much you save. Doing open bar at a local venue is alot more. The majestic added new bar options like a flat fee reception or value beer, wine, soda packages. I also researched alot of resorts and the majestic gives you a good amount of stuff included in the package compared to others. I also loved the Barcelo Palace in Mexico and they charge a flat fee for weddings based on the package for upto so many people (atleast $2000-3000) and then each person is $70-90 each. Try not to let every fee get to you. Make a budget and start deciding what is the most important and work your way down. Good luck planning!
  8. I really like them all! It depends on your theme you decide to go with! I like the starfish ones the best but my theme is also starfish!)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by theend903 I need advise. I'm so confused about what I want to do for the reception. I want to have a private reception with a DJ so that all the speeches and first dances can happen, but I'm concerned about the price.We are having around 30-35 people come. If we have the dinner at the Steakhouse, which is free, will that be too many people to have in the restaurant? I was thinking about renting the Wet bar or Parrot bar for after dinner with the DJ. Do you think this is a good idea? Great plan! I would definitely recommend the parrot bar! I was there last May and it is a great place for upto 40 people. They decorate it really pretty and it's great for dances, cake, and speeches! )
  10. Meal: steak and grouper, roasted veggies, potato Set-Up: One or two long tables depending on group size, you are set up in a corner of the restaurant but there are other guests near you but your group is defined and no one is that close. They do candles on the table. Check out the link on facebook majestic brides for pictures or the majestic photo gallery. I think it looks nice and that's exactly what I was going to do. We have a smaller group so i looked into other options. Also, if someone is a vegetarian you can get pasta or if someone doesn't each steak/fish you can do chicken, but no major substitutions or they will mostly charge.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by brendali.caban Ladies! I am booked! May 14, 2011!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! So excited for you! Make sure you contact my TA! She is ready and waiting to start helping you with your wedding. She is fabulous like I have said and really good at what she does! She is great through email, phone or in person so no matter where your guests are she can handle it! Good luck and keep us updated. )
  12. I have only heard wonderful things about him and I can't wait for my ceremony! I just finalized our vows not too long ago!
  13. I got an awesome hair flower from xoxo designs on etsy. Rebecca is really nice and my flower didn't match my dress and she offered to send me a new one that was more off white to go with my dress.
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