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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by affiwin THope thanks for sharing! Ladies how close to the wedding did you really start working on details with Yamina? Did you get everything sorted out once you arrived or did you start sending her photos? We're have a pretty large wedding (100 guests) so I'm starting to think it's about time I get things rolling. I started emailing Yamina back in December, but that was only really for package options and such. I have been accumulating my questions/pictures and emailing when I have a bunch or if I need to know so I can start working on a project (ie welcome booklets!) She has been pretty amazing and I meet with her Saturday when we arrive. Any how, if I were you I would email her pictures and such now, just to see if it is an actual possibility and then finalize everything there! HTH-Jess
  2. Hi ladies! I have a question for those of you who have been to EPM... Yamina confirmed by reception/dinner will be held at Agave restaurant. For the cocktail hour I have the Agave terrace or Revive bar. Which do you think would be best? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thope- your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations! Question- were the chairs included or did you pay an upgrade for them? (Normally I see the white plastic chairs and I don't like them, I would much rather have the chiavari (sp?) chairs like you did!)
  4. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing this!!! I will be sure to post pictures of my finished project! Thanks again!
  5. Hi Ladies! I hope planning is going well for everyone! Has anyone made a welcome book for their guests? I am thinking about making one and wanted to see if any other EPM brides already had...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MSG518 I had a question about the suit pressing. My fiance's suit is linen and so are the pants that all the groomsmen will be wearing. Do any of you know if they have a professional steamer on hand at the resort because I believe you're not supposed to iron linen or it will be ruined. Yes they have a steamer. My dress has ruching and can't be ironed either- Yamina emailed me that they do have a steamer.
  7. Hi Ladies! Has anyone put together a welcome/guest book for when the guests arrive at the resort? thope- I don't know what I'm putting in my guest bag yet- but I will be sure to post when I do! I did NOT want to do towels either. I bought them from target and only 16 took up a lot of space and were super heavy. They weren't that great of a quality and I decided it wasn't worth it. I want to put a welcome/guest book in each bag, but I haven't really gotten anything else. There is a thread on here about what people liked/used and didn't- you might want to check that out. All I know is whatever I do- I have to keep it cheap! FI is upset right now because I ordered custom hand painted maracas and he does not like to spend money!!! As for the bags, I ordered a pink/white beach bag for each the girls and a green pull-string backpack type bag for the guys. On the girls I will iron on my logo (below) but instead of our names I will put the girls name- I won't be doing this for the guys- I don't think they'd like it. On my bag I'm going to put "Mrs. D***" instead of "Jessica & Adam."
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by s_katrese so is cream cheese frosting like the best icing for a cake? just wondering. It depends on you! I prefer buttercream on most cakes, but I am not sure if that is an option at EPM. If it is not, cream cheese frosting is definitely my #2! HTH You must be so excited! Your day is coming up soon!
  9. Ladies, I am so sorry, I have not been on here for a while to help you out! Diva- it looks like you solved your problems- your monogram looks great!
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