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  1. Hey ladies, the hubby and I are trying to clear out the apartment for our little one that's coming after the new year. As much as I hate to part with my dress, realistically I'm not going to wear it again. It would be perfect for a DW or a TTD session. It's a size 18, but I was assured that it can easily be altered down. Zip up back. Chiffon over satin A-line with gathered bodice and beaded lace empire. Sweep train. It was worn only for my AHR for about 3 hours. Reviews can be found at: http://reviews.davidsbridal.com/7294/DB3354/t9435-chiffon-over-satin-a-line-with-
  2. Everything on the list is left. I have removed the items that have been sold. Thanks ladies!
  3. There's some great info on the David's Bridal site about it at: http://reviews.davidsbridal.com/7294/DB3354/t9435-chiffon-over-satin-a-line-with-gathered-bodice-and-beaded-lace-empire-reviews/reviews.htm
  4. Hey ladies! I really need to offload all of my wedding goody leftovers. I'm hoping that they can find a good home with a future bride! *Please note that all prices do not include shipping. I'm in the Toronto area, and can quote shipping prices as needed. To view all the items: http://s1009.photobucket.com/albums/af215/cranstonba/?start=all Celebrate ribbon - $0.50 (This is slightly used, but still has more than 3/4 of the ribbon left) Eat, Drink & Be Married ribbon - $1.00 - Brand new white ribbon - $0.50 (This is slightly used, but still has more than 3/4 of th
  5. Hey Mandy, I'm selling mine for $20 + shipping. It was an extra that I purchased so it hasn't been used, but it out of it's original wrapping. Here's a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/desta/5244531279/ Please PM me if you're interested.
  6. The shipping shouldn't be too much. If you can give me a few weeks notice, I go to the US quite a bit (Toledo, Ohio area) in which case, the shipping should be less than $10.
  7. Hi ladies, I'm selling my dress. Size 18, but can be altered down. It's such a light, airy dress that would be perfect for a TTD. It hasn't been worn in the water or sand (we had an AHR which last 4 hours, which is the only time it's been worn). Price is $200 OBO. The dress is (so I'm told) no longer being made by David's Bridal. Please PM me if you're interested. Shipping would be from Toronto. Thanks gals! http://reviews.davidsbridal.com/7294/DB3354/t9435-chiffon-over-satin-a-line-with-gathered-bodice-and-beaded-lace-empire-reviews/reviews.htm
  8. Tuesday the 23rd at Yorkdale works perfectly for me.
  9. The starfish I had was sent to Dilara on the 4th, so it's on it's way! Unfortunately I wasn't able to use it since my wedding was canceled due to Hurricane Tomas, but I hope it has many more wedding memories! dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up: 1 ) Shoesiesluvr - Sept 20, 2010 - October 6, 2010 Cancun, Mexico 2 ) Futuremrsjrj - Oct 14-16, 2010 Las Vegas, NV 3 ) DWbridetobe - October 30 - November 8, 2010, St. Lucia 4 ) Dilara - November 21-28, 2010, GPR in Playa del Carmen 5 ) breeze616 – December 6 – 16th Iberostar Rose Hall, Montego Bay 6 ) kateandbri - January 8th-15t
  10. I'm available for a get-together. Midweek works fine, but it seems like Yorkadale has been the most convenient place in the past for everyone to get together.
  11. Hey ladies, my wedding was scheduled for Friday of this week (and we were supposed to leave this past Sunday) at the Sandals Regency in St. Lucia. Unfortunately, the airport was down and my entire trip has been canceled. My travel agent (whom has a representative on the island) has said that most of the resorts suffered no damage, and as soon as the roads are functional again, everything will be good to go. She's estimating 4 months MAX. With your wedding being in July, I'm positive that everything will be perfect by then.
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