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  1. Hello, Thanks for all the info, Im getting married there Jan 31st, I have previously been to this resort and know how beautiful it is. I am also wondering about how you did the first dance and if music was provided. Also what did you do after the dinner? I didnt see your pics have you posted any? Id love to see them! Another thing, did you give out OOT bags or give anything to your guests? Thanks Mandy
  2. Hello, Yes i would love to have some if you still have them! I would need 30! Let me know, Thanks, Mandy mandy_774@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, Im getting married their, Jan. 31st 2011! Its coming faster then expected, hopefully with all that has been going on things will work out well for everyone! mandy
  4. Hi all! I am getting married Jan.31st, I also had a hard time getting ahold of the new coordinator but after calling I have had better luck. Im only 5 weeks aways and hope things all work out! Is there anyone going to be there around this time? Mandy
  5. Hi, I am looking for a flower hair piece, I prefer white. Please let me know if you have one and are looking to part with it. Thanks, mandy
  6. Wanted: Rinestone starfish for floral bouquet. If you have one please let me know. Thank you Mandy
  7. Hi, Yes I was booked through Westjet and switched to Sunwing. Westjet gave me a $150 extra back and then we booked with Sunwing. It was alittle difficult at first but it has worked out. Most of my family and friends have also booked on the Sunset side so it works well. Im hoping everything will work out, I did look into booking at another resort but it wasnt going to work and would have costed many guests $500 to switch. Since I've been to this resort before I wasnt wanting to move, I hope that by the time we go everything will be good! I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know! mandy
  8. Hi all, So my wedding is planned for Jan.31st. We have 40 guests booked so far and because everyone booked through different airlines it was going to be too difficult to switch resorts. Also I have been to this resort last year and loved it. We did have 12 people staying in the platinum. We have since moved to the Sunset side as I will feel more comfortable and who knows if the construction will be finished by then. I did speak with the resort and they assured me things would be fine by then but thats easier said. Anyway we switched to the Sunset side and I hope that things will all work out!
  9. Hello, I would also love to see your pictures. My email is mandy_774@hotmail.com. Thank you
  10. Thanks for all the info! Â I have booked at the Grand Princess for january 31st 2011!
  11. Hi, I'm unable to see your invites, can you send me an email of how they turned out? Please and thank you! Mandy
  12. Please help! I am planning my upcoming wedding January 31st at the Grand Princess in the Mayan. I am just wondering what info is all included and what wording suggestions you may have. Any info is a help! If you have any samples please email me at mandy_774@hotmail.com. Mandy
  13. Hello, I am planning my wedding for monday Jan.31st 2011 at the Grand Princess. I have been there this past november and decided I'd like to have my wedding there. I am just wondering if anyone has some helpful info for me regarding this resort! Thanks Mandy
  14. Hello, Anyone have information or getting married at the Riu Yucatan? If you have any info please send it my way. I am looking at getting married at here but can't seem to find much info on it! Mandy Email me mandy_774@hotmail.com
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