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  1. Hello Kris, what I did was had my husband burn 3 hours of music on a cd for the resort dj to play at the beach party, it ended up raining 3 songs in and the reception got moved so I just had the dj play his own music and told him the song I wanted as the last song. He's really good, he's the same dj in the club and we were at the club prior to the wedding so I felt comfortable with him playing his own stuff. He has a good range of music. If you do use the resort dj I would just make a cd for your first dance, father/daughter etc. Dj mannia is highly recommended and I fell in love once I went on his website but my husband refused to spend that much money. I have no regrets with the resort dj. At our wedding I had him play alot of dance/techno and spanish music for my crowd but he has everything ranging from rock to oldies
  2. 12 shout to go wipes 6$ 7 2oz. aloe vera bottles 5$ SOLD 11 chapsticks 5$ SOLD 8 advils & 12 tylenol packs 6$ SOLD 5 natural touch bridesmaids bouquets white roses, calla lillies and sterling (lavender) roses with crystals and lavender ribbon 30$ each (2 are brand new never used) 2 natural touch orchid boutonnieres with aqua ribbon 3$ each 1 natural touch calla lilly boutonniere (no ribbon) brand new 3$
  3. Hello Ladies!! we just got back everyone had a great time!! Here's my review Check-in: We were greeted with drinks and a cool towel. I was the first to arrive. we got there around noon, they told us they would get our room ready asap. It took about an hour which I thought was great. They took all of our bags and put tags on them with our room number, so we wouldn't have to lug them around. As we were waiting 3 groups from our party arrived, check in went smooth, no mess ups with any rooms. All of our guests were in the palace section. they kept mostly everyone close but our room was across the pool. We were close enough to everyone but still had our privacy. Ask for Domingo or Fernelis if you have any problems, they are great. Rooms: We were in Bldg 93. we had a honeymoon suite. which basically is a loft suite but all the furniture and linens were white. Made me feel better for the pictures. The rest of my guests were in blg's 86 and 83. Some had loft suites and the others had standard rooms. They look exactly like the pics on the website. Some of them looked a little run down, some rust here and there on the sink and shower. But no one complained. Almost everyone had issues with their room phones. It's kind of hard keeping in touch with everyone. I wish I bought chalkboards or dry erase boards for all our doors, or walkie talkies.. lol Grounds: the grounds are well kept, very pretty.. Be careful when it rains the walk ways become very slippery, I wish I had sneakers with me. We did run into the grounds flooding a little bit at night but by morning all was dry. Pools: we mostly stayed at the pool in the palace section by El Bohio, the swim up bar is there. One of the best bars, the bartenders are so much fun Food: we typically ate breakfast at Los Torres, and lunch at La Uva. El Bohio serves lunch and we did eat there just because it was convenient but no one liked the food. The buffets are alot easier to eat at because if you don't time it right you could be eating dinner at 10pm. We ate at the Rodizio and loved it, the Japanese was our favorite. The mexican restaurant took forever and no one was impressed with the food. My suggestion if you want to eat a la carte, go at 6pm and make your reservation and you'll most likely eat around 7 ish.. The wedding!! when we arrived we were told Carolina was on vacation and I would meet with Kenia, panic started to hit. But Kenia is great. we met with her the second day we were there, we picked the dinner menu, flowers and our breakfast for the next day. I gave her my centerpieces (show her how to arrange them), cake decoration, sand ceremony, fans and bubbles and my ceremony music. I had 8 people to a table at El Quijote restaurant. My ceremony was changed from 2 to 5 which I was so happy about The day of the wedding, I was told to have my guests meet in the lobby and a train would pick them up. I'm assuming it worked because everyone was there..lol I was called in my room and told when to come down, they had a golf cart decorated and brought myself and my wedding party to the gazebo Everything was decorated the way I asked, sand ceremony made it there and my music was played correctly. Ceremony was great we then had pics taken on the beach. We were told to be in the lobby by 6:15 for the train to bring us all to dinner. It was right on time. Dinner went well. we had the beef medallions with mashed potatoes and veggies. The wedding menu has changed so I would email and ask for the new one. The beef we got was suppose to come stuffed with ham and cheese but I asked without and it was fine, the beef comes breaded almost like a country fried steak. I didn't care for the breading so I took it off, some of my guests did as well but some liked it with the breading. Cake wasnt anything spectacular which I was anticipating. You have the option of chocolate or vanilla. I had the brownie for desert so I ordered vanilla. I brought cake boxes and had them cut the cake and put the slices in boxes for people to take back to the beach party or their rooms.. went fine. I did however have a guest bring my cake knife and server to the dinner because of past brides saying they didnt get theirs back. Dinner was an hour and a half. a train came to pick us up from the restaurant and brought us to the beach party. I gave the dj all my cd's. Yes I made 3 hours worth of music, I wasn't sure what kind of music they had so I did my own. It took the dj a little while to start our first song so we were standing there for a while but it was fine. We had ordered a dance floor for the beach party, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. we originally wanted the ones with the lights for 400 but it wasnt available so we got the one without for 200. It was a hot mess it was so small and it was just squares taped together and it was uneven. so 3 songs into the wedding it poured so they moved our party inside to El Bohio, it was so much fun. after that I just had the dj play his own music. He has everything oldies, techno, dance, disco you name it he has it. We were at the disco the night before so I wasn't worried. All in all everything was great.;.. Any questions please email me michelle.dugan@live.com I have pics all over the place since I really didn't use my camera. so if you want you can request me on facebook to see some. oh yeah photos, we had HDC AMAZING!! The professional pics came out great.. waiting for my access code and I will share
  4. As far as I know it's only the open bar and dj you pay for. But I'm pretty sure that in order to have the beach party you have to have the open bar. How long will you be there? I leave next week too but I will be in Santo Domingo for the first week then checking in June 4th. I was hoping to see the past 2 brides reviews before we left.. Good Luck, hope everything is beautiful! any idea how much they charge to steam the dresses?
  5. we are having our ceremony at 2 as well. It has nothing to do with the resort, times are set according to the judges schedule. So if you switch resorts you might run into the same problem. This was a major concern for me too. Not sure where you plan on having your ceremony, but the gazebo does provide some shade. But I figured the ceremony is 15 mins and I'm doing a sand ceremony so that would add on another 10, then they do the champagne toast and then pictures. I have my photographer until 4pm, dinner usually starts around 6 so it's only two hours, you could do a cocktail hour if you want. We decided to give everyone an hour to freshen up and then meet at a bar for cocktails. As far as the beach party, I was told they allow two at a time but they are on opposite sides of the beach. I was so stressed about the ceremony time for a long time and then just sucked it up eventually. Good luck
  6. I considered switching resorts also. we decided no to, figuring it would just be more of a hassle. What part of the resort are you staying in? if your guests are staying in the palace/punta cana or bavaro section maybe you could just switch to the royal suites
  7. that's a relief, a previous bride posted pics of her beach party but it looked so dark. what time did your dinner start? the dj is for 3 hours right? I'm bringing all of my own music so I want to make sure I have enough.
  8. Melissa, sounds like everything was great, except for the room issues. seems like the conditions of the rooms have been a problem, not the first time I've heard complaints. As far as the beach party, how was the lighting? from other brides pictures it seems so dark. Did you bring your own centerpieces? I feel like I'm going to give Carolina so much stuff and something will get lost in the shuffle. will you post some pics?!
  9. no problem at all! what size do you want and how much do you want to spend?
  10. when is your wedding? If it is after mine I could look for one while I'm down there. I'll be in santo domingo for a week then punta cana. I'm back June 7th
  11. that's such a great idea!! I went on a search this is what I found http://www.art.com/products/p14550342-sa-i3062145/map-of-dominican-republic-caribbean.htm
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