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  1. I anyone has the canopy pics I would love them as well! Thanks! fanningwedding@yahoo.com
  2. Tina, could you send me the pics from trip advisor that you found? Thanks! fanningwedding@yahoo.com
  3. I finally found my dress after lots of shopping and it is a Sottero and Midgley. I guess that Maggie is brining in her niece to help design so they have another line other than just Sottero. All the dresses are great and I would suggest them to anyone still looking! Here is a link to the main site and then one for my dress! Couture Designer Wedding Gowns - Sottero & Midgley SSM5049 - by Sottero & Midgley I also love how they have real bride stories and pics of them in there dresses so you can see them on someone other than a professional model!
  4. Hey ladies! I am getting married near Playa del Carmen and am trying to get info on makeup and hair stylists in the area. I haven't heard the best things about the salon at my resort and am only about 15 minutes away from playa. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am more interested about a hair stylist than makeup since I could do my makeup on my own if I need to. Any suggestions would be appriciated!
  5. has anyone made alternative plans as far as getting their hair and makeup done some place other than the resort? I was wanting to look into going to playa del carmen the day of the wedding with my bridesmaids to get out hair done together because I had heard some negative things about the hair lady at the resort. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey ladies! Hope all is well in the wedding planning world! A couple of things, Jennifer, Roxy, and Tiffany I just sent yall the pics you asked for. Sherry, I have gotten different things from different people and I thought the slidewhow from the wedding photagrapher was sent by you! Sorry for the confusion! Also, Allie, I never received an info from you, so if you sent it, would you mind sending it again? I was wanting you to send pretty much everything you mentioned earlier that you had. Thanks and sorry for the hassle if you sent it already! (nad if you haven't I would really app
  7. tcram, i heard the same thing about no outside photographers. i also got an email from sherry with some pics from the photographer at the resort. if you give me your email i will send them to you! one year countdown till your wedding!
  8. Allie, I would love for you to forward me everything you have! Thanks so much in advance! Ashleigh fanningwedding@yahoo.com
  9. Sherry, I just sent you a pm with my email. but in case you dont get it could you send me the pics too? fanningwedding@yahoo.com THANKS!
  10. Jessicuzie, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the pics you have! Will you email them to me at fanningwedding@yahoo.com ?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  11. Emma, that is so exciting! I cannot wait to hear back from you about the wedding and see your pictures! Have a great time!
  12. Crack_ann did you get the flower info? If not let me know and I will send it to you. Can anyone send me cake pics? fanningwedding@yahoo.com THANKS!
  13. Val, I would love the cak info if you could email it to me at fanningwedding@yahoo.com I would really appriciate it! What restaurant are you going with for your recep? Thanks Courtney for the picture advice, I am going to try that next! Colleen, we are going to do the private beach party as well do the dancing and timing issues.
  14. random question...how did yall get your pics in the corner by your profile ino? (for those of you who have one) I have gone to the edit profile page and downloaded a pic, but it doesn't ever show. any help? THANKS!
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