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  1. I am looking for bud vases about 7-8" tall and 1-2" diameter for a July 2nd AHR. If you have any please let me know! Thanks! ps I need about 130
  2. The caribbean trio does not use a steel drum unfortunately, but their music is great!
  3. ajuce: I brought my own chair sashes (from weddinglinensdirect.com). They were very cheap and I loved them. Also I don't think the spa does a very good job with hair! I had mine done by Victoria and it was nothing like what I wanted. I kept trying to tell her and she would say "I know, thank you". I ended up re-doing it after she was done.....The makeup that she did on me was really nice however!! If you do get it done there have a trial done or take a picture of exactly how you would like it!!!! We did not pick the officiant. DRC did this for us. I think you have the option to meet with him/her before the wedding but we didn't. Ours did a great job.
  4. It was 300per is just for the dj. The other fee is for the staff and bar to stay open and is pp/per hour
  5. Our DJ was Ivan. And yes we had to pay the extra fee to have the reception go an hour later: (
  6. I really loved having our reception at the seaside grill. It was nice because it was open so you felt like you were on the beach but since it was covered it felt more intimate!!
  7. Wedding Review: Nov 30th Link to our photos http://web.mac.com/vallarta_adventures/WeddingsDRERC/LUTZ/ Wedding 4pm at Gazebo Cocktail Hour 5:30-6:30 at Jacuzzi area Reception 6:30-10:30 at Seaside Grill After party -Desires Hotel: The hotel was absolutely gorgeous!!! EVERYONE kept raving about how beautiful it was. The view from the lobby to the ocean is incredible. Just a note..warn your guests about the pool in the hotel lobby. My father in law fell in one night and there was someone sitting there who said it was the fifth person they had seen do that in a week!!!!! I heard the entertainment each night was good. We were too busy entertaining our guests that we didn’t see much. We spent most nights in the lobby talking and drinking before heading to Desires. Food- The food was great! I was worried b/c I have been to all-inclusive resorts before and usually the food is just so-so. DRC really impressed me and I am very picky about food!! Bordeaux and Portofino were by far the best. Bordeaux is gourmet all the way. We ate in the wine cellar one night and it was delicious. I did not have a meal that I did not like!!! We ate lunch everyday at the Seaside grill. The wontons and seared tuna were my favorites…..like I said though…everything was good!! Pools- The pools were very pretty. They were a little cold though. I was told the infinity pool was heated but it didn’t feel like it. We went down to the pools around 9 or 10 and never had a problem finding open chairs. Rooms- The rooms were nice. When we arrived they put us in a tropical deluxe room so I called the front desk b/c we booked the ultimate pkg and should have had a honeymoon suite. The guy at the front desk asked if I had anything in writing so I had Ana our wedding coordinator call him. I was told the suite was booked that night and that we would be moved the next day. We were moved the next afternoon to 2401 and the suite was nice. It was bigger than a regular room and it had a separate bathroom. The view was incredible. We were right on the front of the hotel with a direct view of the beach. Wedding Coordinator: Our wedding coordinator was Ana Helena Garcia. She did a good job and was easy to work with. Only one complaint- we had a suitcase that we left with her with our décor. We went to pick it up the night before we left and she said she would just have it delivered to our room….when we got back to our room around 9pm no suitcase. I tried to call her but they were gone for the day and we were leaving at 6:30 the next morning. We did not get our suitcase back. Rehearsal Dinner: We had a private rehearsal dinner at Portofino and the setup was beautiful. We had 35 peopleEveryone had regular chairs and my husband and I had two really tall chairs. We felt like royalty!!! The staff was great! There was a set menu. It was a salad with goat cheese and walnuts, then a fish crème soup (tasted like a seafood bisque..most people liked it), then you could have stuffed chicken or steak with a mushroom sauce and then tiramisu for dessert. Everyone liked the meal. Cocktail Hour: We had cocktail hour at the Jacuzzi area. It was nice there but a little dark. I was also worried the whole time about somebody falling backwards into the Jacuzzi. I would recommend a different location..like desires terrace. The appetizers were very good. We got to pick five different ones and we chose tempura shrimp, beef wrapped in vegetables, quiche lorraine, zucchini crepes and a cheese tray (the cheese tray also had berries and some salmon on it). Wedding Décor: I hired EW Cancun for décor. I had them do the fabric on the gazebo and the lanterns for the reception. I think it turned out well. I brought my own chair covers and table clothes and the wedding coordinator set up everything for us just how I asked! Ceremony: We had the ceremony at the gazebo and I am so glad I picked it. I told Ana what I wanted for the BM bouquets and boutonnières. I think the bouquets were$90ea. They also forgot my husbands boutonniere so they just used a plain rose. We got the ceremony script from Ana and then we edited and added to it to make it what we wanted. A lot of our guests said it was one of the nicest scripts they’ve heard. The minister brought small vases with sand for the sand ceremony. Reception: We had the reception at the Seaside Grill from 6:30-10:30. We had a set menu. It was a shrimp cocktail type appetizer, broccoli cheese soup that was really yummy…, stuffed chicken or steak and then a cheesecake dessert. I thought it all was great but didn’t eat much. Our cake was the tres leche and it was fabulous!!! We hired dj doremix for the music. I asked him to play mellow dinner music while we ate, which he did. Then I asked him to play fun dance music early before he broke out the hip hop. The music was good. The only problem we had was that during the middle of the reception it started pouring!!!!! The staff came out with squeegees and tried to get as much water off the dance floor as they could. The older guests didn’t dance much after that but the water didn’t bother the younger group and we danced until the end of the reception. After the reception we went to Desires and danced until they closed. Also the dj had cold fireworks for our entrance, balloons, masks and glow sticks that he brought out later- so much fun!!! The wedding was everything I wanted!!!!! Photos: We had Adventure Photos there at the resort do our wedding photos. They did a great job. I do wish I had some more up close photos of my husband and I. I also wish they would have taken some of just me and my bridesmaids ( I have none of just us)!! All of you that are going to use them…make a list of what you want and go see them before the wedding. Also they said they would come back and take pics of when we cut they cake but they didn’t show up until later while we were dancing. Luckily some of my friends had their cameras to capture this moment. Also we ended up buying 45 extra photos (over the 50 that are included in package). It was expensive ($15ea) but I wanted these for memories!! Video: We had the resort do our wedding video. I am not very happy about this. The video is good, but it is edited!!! I wanted a video that captured the entire event with my music. They cut out parts and used their own music. I emailed them to see if I could get an unedited version and they said it would be $250 plus $40 for shipping!!! All in all I just want to say that I am a picky person….and I could not have been happier about the resort and my wedding. Everything was perfect. Several of my guests said they would go back to Dreams!! If you are at all worried about this resort- don’t be!! You will be very happy when you get there. If I forgot anything I will post it later. Also I will try to answer any questions you have. Tiffany : )
  8. I got married at DRC on Nov 30th and it was absolutely perfect!!! I will post a full review this weekend. To all future brides...you have nothing to worry about with this resort...it was fabulous!!!
  9. I leave in two hours for the hotel and am get married on Tuesday! I am very excited except for the weather forecast says cloudy and rain for the second part of our trip: ( Pbjwed- Congratulations!!! I am glad to hear everything worked out! Your pics are great!!!!
  10. For all of those who have been married at DRC....how much did you tip the wedding coordinator?
  11. Missy1- I am getting married next tuesday and having a dj. I will let you know if I think it was worth it when I get back!! Chelsey & Travis- Thanks for the response!!! How cold did it get at night? Was it okay to wear dresses or do you need pants and sweaters?
  12. Okay I spoke with Ana today and she is very nice : ) I look forward to working with her!!!!!! For the rehearsal dinner it is $15 usd +11% tax and 15% service charge per person (for a non-private event). For a private event it is $30 usd +11% and 15%. You CAN order off the menu!
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