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  1. Beautiful! I love the colors and parasols! I can't wait for more!!!
  2. Sssh I dog napped my friends dog for the shoot! Here's another one but don't tell her! Oh and the dogs name is Batman! LOL!!
  3. Thanks everyone for the LOVE! I am bubbling with excitement, and yes everything does happen for a reason. When you book at an AI resort they are very busy. You may have to email the coordinator 4 or 5 times regarding the same question for more clarification, you may have to argue a price and refer to past emails, or you may have to play dirty and threaten to leave. I just got very tired and didn't want to worry anymore. For the 2 days it took to move my wedding I had this weird psycho grin plastered on my face and I must have looked really scary because every one avoided me. But in the end it worked out and my family and friends are still staying at the RIU resort, it was affordable. I became Vegan to lose weight and I lost so much that it keeps dropping off, so I am kinda scared the rum will hit me heavy. Next thing you know I'll have stitches and what was it... oh running naked into the ocean? Oh geez!
  4. It has been bumps and HUGE bruises this entire process and I moved my wedding in 2 days from RIU Club Hotel to Negril Escape uh last Friday...I am still not sure how I pulled that off. But I can't wait, I am so excited! I have transfers setup through Norma with Lee's Tours and she is such a doll. She's even coming down to meet me. She gave me the plates and names of all her drivers for us to use. Natasha from Negril Escape has bent over backwards to accommodate me and ease my fears. So, very soon I will be with some sort of Jamaican rum drink on the beach. Leaving red eye Monday lots of suitcases in tow, but it will all be worth it!
  5. I had so much fun and was so comfortable. I busted out my more exotic wardrobe of faux fur coats and thigh highs, not too lingerie more my style. My photographers that are coming with me to wedding did my shoot. So much fun and so liberating. I want to get one every year! I already received the book from Blurb and it come out fantastic. I highly recommend using their services with the upgraded paper.
  6. I got sample pictures of my moms and my second dress. If you remember I got my first dress from Landy and it was huge, so when I took it for alterations I ordered a second dress from Gianinar just in case the alterations couldn't save the dress. Gianinar made both dresses in 30 days but I emailed them every day with all correspondences and pictures. I think they were overjoyed to get rid of me. I paid extra for fast shipping so I am expecting the dress any day now. I took the initiative and sent them money most of the time instead of having to wait for them to request it. It was alot of worry so if you are unsure order several dress ahead of time and you can pick which one later. Here is mine: I hope it is as awesome as it looks, I'll let you know when I get it. Here is my moms: What do you think?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen No problem! As for the $250.00 cancelation fee, do you mean for canceling the wedding date/time you have reserved? If so, the way that works is when you get your confirmation code from Riu you go back into their website and enter that code then you have to fill out a bunch of information and give your credit card info. Your card does not get charged anything at that time but if you were to cancel after that they would charge your card the $250.00 cancelation fee. You dont want to cancel the whole wedding reservation do you? I hate to seem like Debbie Downer, I just don't know if I have stirred up so much that my wedding would be effected. And of course I foolishly have five centerpieces, programs, petals for aisle, guestbook, menus, and place cards. I foolishly thought they would set it up for me, based on all the other Jamaican brides post of all the neat stuff they made and were bringing for decorations. I just don't want to ask any of my guest to set those items up for me and I don't want to play a negotiation game to have the items setup. I'm so tired. Negril Escape has been working with me and has provided a great quote in one day. I'm just so exhausted I feel like its better to fold now and pay extra to have peace mind and enjoy the time in Jamaica. Thank you everyone again and Maureen thank you -you always can answer any question I have when my travel agent has no idea. Please be in this business ten years from now when I go again to renew our vows.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen Some resorts have you put down deposits and sign contracts in advance so that is why other brides mention that. However, Riu Resorts do not have you sign wedding contracts or pay for wedding services in advance. The idea is that you confirm your wedding/date/time with a credit card gurantee not a charge and then everything else is planned, confirmed and paid for on-site. It sounds like they changed vendors for some services and therefore some pricing has changed for flowers and musicians. When booking additional wedding items/services at Riu resorts prior to arrival I usually just send an email that says something like I would like to confirm the beach cocktail reception at a rate of $15.00 per person for the date of.... and the DJ from 8pm-10pm at a rate of $150.00 per hour. Then the WC writes back confirmed next to each item. I tell the brides to hang on to those email because that's all they have, no contract! However, if they just ask for a price and then don't go to confirm they would like to book that option then really as harsh as it seems the price is subject to change as is availability (another birde could book the reception spot you want) just as if you went to look at a house you wanted to buy or a trip you wanted to book and got prices. Then months later went to buy/book the price is subject to change. Because they do not charge deposits there really is no reason not to email and ask to confirm such options because if you need to cancel them later you will not be losing any deposit money. There really is no need to wait to have an exact head count. I would suggest just book your decor using the florist with the lowest price and send those quotes you got direct from the florist to the WC. Then see where you can get with hotel management on the musician pricing. Hopefully they come through for you. The resort the OP is discussing is Club Hotel Riu Negril. This increase has not happened at all Rius. However, my suggestions above do apply to all Rius. If you want something send an email to your WC requesting the price then reply right back that you would like to book x at y price for thus and so dates, please confirm. Maureen once again you are awesome and have come through for someone out of the goodness of your heart. I should have gone with my gut and fired my TA and had you take over a year ago. This by far has been the most helpful information I have received. I am not sure if you can but I think you should move your previous post and make it a sticky in the Jamaica forum. As I have been telling everyone JUST because your TA says she has booked tons of weddings in Jamaica doesn't mean they understand the ins and outs of the process. As you can see I am one of those brides that is now caught in the aftermath. I read every thread, researched every website, checked out every trip advisor review, and talk with past brides who have gotten married in Jamaica...and I still don't know sh**. BOOK MAUREEN! Well Dionne has responded and will honor the old prices and this is the most informative email she has sent me. See her email below. Hi Shannon We can honor the old prices with the previous information that is on the attachment , where it says all extras must be paid in cash. There as been some changes and effective May 2010 some extras goes up and can be paid credit card, but if we are going to honor the previous prices we have to honor the previous payment plan. Thank You Dionne The sad part is this email was sent to me after my TA asked her what the cancellation fee was. If I have not paid a deposit do you still have to pay the $250 cancellation fee? This whole situation has bummed me out. Thanks Everyone! Maureen thank you!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB That really sucks and a similar thing happened to me so I can empathize. But, as TA Maureen pointed out, this was a corporate decision not the individual wedding planner. Unless you put down some sort of deposit on the items you wanted it may be difficult to get the previously quoted prices. Good Luck! Yeah but did corporate only raise prices on certain things? Like I said the beach BBQ price stayed the same and so did the cocktail hour. I had not put a deposit down because my group numbers kept changing and even as of today I have one extra coming. But from what I read here most brides pay for it when they get there. I have 9 rooms booked and all of those were paid for and I have my ceremony confirmed. Dionne said she wouldn't accept payment beforehand. Okay so now I am confused.... How did everyone pay a deposit when she told me you can only pay for the package and optional services when you arrive? I have emails to back me up on this, I even asked for the policy that says your not allowed to pay before you get there because I was trying to lock in a price so it wouldn't change again. She also told me they only accept Visa and Master Card and when I questioned about American Express she than emailed me they accept that as well.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB That really sucks and a similar thing happened to me so I can empathize. But, as TA Maureen pointed out, this was a corporate decision not the individual wedding planner. Unless you put down some sort of deposit on the items you wanted it may be difficult to get the previously quoted prices. I would still try to contact the hotel manager to see if you can get anywhere. It's a sucky situation and I'm sorry you have to go through this so close to your wedding date. I don't know where the Riu Club is, but I have heard wonderful things about Negril Escape (obviously in Negril) and Evita's in Ochos Rios. Good Luck! I am working with them now! They will be my savior!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen To be fair Dionne did not raise the prices, the Riu did. That does stink but it's true all the resorts add that little notation to their price lists What sort of extras were you looking at booking in which the price has increased? Did you have any of the extras previously booked and confirmed or were you just quoted prices? The extras I was looking to book was a Mento band that went up 43% an hour, a DJ that went up 45% an hour from the price sheet she sent me in February. I just barely got a lock down on people coming and, although I have been in contact with her the past four months I never asked for another price sheet until yesterday when I went to confirm everything. The prices for the beach BBQ and cocktail hour did not change, which again I thought was weird because you would think a price hike would effect all the optional services. I am a faithful reader of this forum and never read anywhere that a Jamaican bride had such a huge price increase unless it changed to the new years prices. Most brides were able to have the previous year prices honored because they booked during the previous year. Dionee knew I wanted a beach reception, all of our quotes and emails revolved around that. I just thought she would have contacted me about the price increase. She also increased a Huppah charge another $200. When I showed her the email in February for the $300 price quote and forwarded a quote from Tai Flora which was the same, she said that was the old florist price. She said she would have to use the old florist in order to give me that price. I do believe in February they were using Boulevard florist then too. So I find this weird as well. She also emailed me that she doesn't put out any decorations other than favors on a table. If I wanted that done for me I would have to purchase items through the florist. My other concern is when I get to Jamaica the price will go up again. I can't afford to be surprised. And to top it off I am at my moms house right now and she only has dial up!
  12. I am so upset Dionne the wedding coordinator for the RIU ClubHotle in Jamaica sent me a price sheet for optional services in February and two weeks before my wedding (today) when I am ready to confirm prices she tells me a waaay higher price like 45% higher price. When I send her emails and the price sheet she sent me she tells me the bottom of the sheet says prices are subject to change without notice. WTF?? Yeah but 45% change within four months with no notice? I am so frustrated and feel like when I get to Jamaica there will be another price increase! I got my TA involved but I feel like they have you by the balls now. I am now looking for another location to have my wedding, I don't appreciate hike increases and a disregard for quotes previously sent. So two weeks away and seeing if anyone is open and within my price range for my 22 people. I have never taken Zanax but I think now would be a great time to start. Please send good vibes my way I need some positive.
  13. Help! I am two weeks away from my wedding and the optional services price sheet Dionne has emailed me in Feb has drastically gone up. There is a 43% increase for the Mento Band and a 45% increase for a DJ. She is also trying to charge me an extra $100 since her last quote for a Huppah. UGH!!! 2 weeks away and I am looking for an offsite location because I am terrified the optional service price will go up again when I get to Jamaica. When I sent her the price sheet from the original document and all the emails, she said for me to read the bottom notation that says prices are subject to change without notice. Yeah, but over 40% in four months?? I can understand a 2011 price increase but this is in a matter of four months and in 2010. She says she will honor the Huppah price but they changed florist and now she has to use the old florist to get that price.....which seems very fishy to me since I had to show her Tai Flora was going to charge me that price as well when I got a separate quote from them. I have definitely gotten my TA involved. One of Dionne's emails said she would only honor the old price if I paid in travelers check.... Uhh which old price, the Huppah, the DJ, the Mento Band, or all three? So I am giving her a chance to respond and hopefully do the right thing. This is so frustrating, and Dionne said the only decoration she would assist with is putting favors on the table. Look I understand asking her to put up lights is way too much, but petals on the aisle, programs on the chair, and assembled centerpieces in the middle of a table? She said I would have to hire the florist and have them make the centerpieces if I would like that done for me. I am paying for a beach reception, a package, and DJ & band, so I am definitely throwing down money. I don't understand so many other brides have had terrific experiences with her. I am ready to burst into tears if anyone can help with what you paid or had increased on you I would appreciate the help.
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