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  1. I can't believe it's finally here!! I feel like I have SOOO much to do, and remember before I leave on Monday!! AHHHH!! CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO CABO! I'm so excited!
  2. Awesome! I'm going to take a little from everyones, and then post it when I've got it completed!
  3. yup! i'm right there with you! My RSVP deadline was a LONG time ago, and Im finding out every week through word of mouth that so-and-so is coming, but never RSVPed with me.. who knows how many are actually going to be down there.. I have no idea what to do about food and bev!!
  4. We *technically* are paying for it ourselves. My parents made a deal with us. They are putting $15k towards the downpayment on our new house, and gave us the timeshare for our honeymoon, and we are paying for everything on the actual wedding day. His parents threw us a great engagement party, and are taking care of the rehearsal dinner at a very expensive place in Cabo.. it all will even out someday because his parents usually always go above and beyond on all the holidays and everything. Both sides are natural givers, and try not to step on other peoples toes, so I dont foresee any prob
  5. 44 days to go, and we are FINALLY starting to get together our playlist for our Ipod wedding.. A while back Tammy put her playlist out and that really helped.. I've tried to find more, but I only see individual song suggestions. If you wrote out your complete playlist, please respond with it. I'd love to check it out! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  6. :'o( SO sorry to hear! That must havent been the hardest decision yet! Best of Luck!
  7. Just to let you know... The exact same conversation happened between my brother and I.. and, My MOH cancelled on me 3 months before the big day! I truly think that we are doing the right thing though, so don't be discouraged!!
  8. ....oooo looks fun!! im just down from LB so I'm gonna schedule one before the big day! thanks!
  9. thanks for such fast responses ladies! any way I go about it, it's gonna suck. :'-( (I like the coin toss idea since I have no sisters, and my BMs are single)
  10. Today is the 135 day marker before I tie the knot. My MOH called last week (a day before my birthday) and left a message saying she had some "conflicts" with my wedding date (she's known about it for a year and a half).. I got to my phone right as it said new voicemail, and listened.. nervous, I called her right back. She didn't answer (which, I kind of expected because her voicemail ended with her yelling "HOLD ON!" and she was obviously busy..) I left her a message saying that I'm here the rest of the day, so call and we'll try to work whatever the conflict is out, and not to wor
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