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  1. I had a guest coming who is a photgrapgher so he took all my photos. The dinner was great easy as can be, actually. We all ordered off the menu and they are quick to serve. We had a choice during our meetting with the WC about which menu our guests would get steak house or Italian. I was allowed to give my three vegetarians the italian while the other 30 got the steakhouse one. Food was good, cake was cute. We had to serve the cake ourselves though which was a little wierd. Feel free to ask me anything! Good luck on yours, I am sure it will be beautiful!
  2. Hey Elisabete4, I was completely happy with my choice of resorts, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. When is your big day?
  3. It was very windy on our resort as we were located on a point, so we chose to get married on the beach rather then on the beautiful cliff gazebo. We did go up there for pics after. Fantastic spot, extremely beautiful but the waves were so loud the it did drown us out a little. Even on the video it is like "man can you turn those down?"
  4. We stayed at a Riu and got out 16th person for free, we also got a $200 Persona credit card to be used at over 100 stores and all the kids got large beach bags filled with mini balls, footballs, paddles and other outdoor toys. They were fun except we got them a day or two before we left and had absolutely no room to bring them.
  5. I had an Ipod and we purchased the portable Bose docking station. We were so happy. People did pull out their Ipods and put on songs from their lists, but everyone had a good time. Maybe we should have told one person keep an eye on it since we had our play lists and didn't really need anyone standing at it. But I am glad we didn't spend the money on a DJ but on the Docking station because I use it every day and this summer it will be next to my pool. Way more value out of it then a DJ. IMO
  6. I have a large sun spot under my nose above my lip, so basically it looks like a mustache. lol I keep saying I am going to tour high schools to tell girls to wear their sunscreen. I never wore it and now look... I have tried a few bleaching or chemical roll ons to diffuse it but have had no luck. When I was pregnant it got darker, so I am looking for solutions too.
  7. We had an ipod for the reception and had playlists titled dinner music and party music. Our first song was also in a separate playlist. our best man handled the music, except a word of caution once people saw we were using an ipod everyone brought theirs and our playlist went out the window. We still had fun and I wouldn't change it, but there were some songs I wanted played that didn't get played.
  8. My documents and costs.... Pre wedding (stuff done here about three months before and sent down) Translate Birth certificates X2 Translate single declaration X2 copies of passports X4 (2 witnesses) Notorize them 350 USD Check out the Dominican website a complete list is there. We went to the consualte in Ottawa and had it done. Just check it after because they messed up the translation on ours and we didn't notice it, but the resort did and sent our TA a message to fix it before we arrive. Wedding certificate took about a month and a half to reach me after the wedding and it came in Spanish. I am looking into getting it translated right now and it will cost about $50
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR well we had a water issues w/our shower backing up and Paul used them to absorb the water. worked great. however, he then went to wash them and put them in the dryer, AND used fabric softener. those are 2 no-nos with sham-WOW care & maintenance. lol oh well. we have a couple more, i guess those dried ones are now just shams, he took the WOW out of them. I'll bet (now don't quote me on this since I don't even own a ShamWow) that if you run your Sham through the wash again and not put it through with a dryer sheet your Wow may return. Fabric softner (dryer sheets) are designed to stay in your clothes that is why they don't want you to use them. It will clog up your towel, but if you wash it once or twice you should get all those chemicals out and you Wow may return. I sell Norwex (which are microfibre cloths that clean everything in your house without chemicals) and we have the same rule for our cloths but I know people have forgotten and thrown in the dryer sheet. It may reduce the life of the cloth but shouldn't ruin it instantly.
  10. You should check here as well. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t36816
  11. I am sick of Sharon...now "Nick isn't going to be able to resist her temtations" Why does that make me so angry??
  12. Our resort said that the minister doesn't work weekends, but for 150 USD extra he could work on a Saturday. Never on a Sunday. It is funny because he does two weddings every Saturday at this resort alone, I wonder how much he racks in extra on Saturday?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by sdn Do any of your guys know if the pool side bar can be rented after hours to do a party there? I e-mailed Maria to see if there are any options I am still waiting on a response. Also does anyone know if they supply CD players or if its better to bring an IPOD and docking station? I don't know if they would allow you to rent out the pool side bar. They seem pretty strict about shutting down the pool area on time. That being said a few hundred kept our service going and the area open later then it was supposed to. They did offer us a CD player for the beach so I know they have one that you can use.
  14. Yep it fit into our luggage easily. It isnt' huge, but the sound quality is fantastic and it can fill a room loudly with music. Our guest knew we had it and brought their ipods to us to charge over night or for the afternoon if we weren't using it. We never put it away in a safe or anything and it was fine.
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