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  1. las palmas. i'd plan on bringing something for every night, even if it's the same shawl every night. better to be safe, yadda yadda.
  2. i had pashminas for the ladies and some used it. i was so drunk at the wedding that i didn't notice......................but on other nights, it was definitely chilly enough for something.
  3. soooooooooo i'm totally stalking you actually, i wanted to see juan navarro and came across your last post. i did want to tell you (and the other ladies here) that you should be really careful with door hangers. it will tell other guests and employees who is and isn't in their room. there's a thread or some posts around here somewhere about people who did that and subsequently were robbed. carry on....
  4. personally, i'd move to the beach w/ more than 40 people. didn't have those cakes. had some kind of chocolate and tres leches. neither particularly good, but that's how most of the desserts were at dreams.
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