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    Yanen Ali Photography

    Hi Crystal, I just got married on Wednesday at Dreams PV and used Dazzling Details. We hired Elizabeth Lloyd as our photographer and Yanen was her assistant. She worked mainly with the Groom & Best Man before the wedding and they raved about her! Other than the basic, staged photos with family after the ceremony, in my experience with her, she only took candid photos so I think she would be a great choice based on what you are looking for (i.e. artistic, candid moments.) While I haven't seen the pictures yet since we are only a week out, I really liked what I saw on her website http://www.yanenali.com (though it is still mostly under construction) and Elizabeth raved about her Lightroom skills. I don't know if she fits in your budget, but if so, I would highly recommend her. As an aside, we met up with Yanen the day after our wedding since we were doing our Trash the Dress with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was picking Yanen up from doing another Dazzling Details wedding at Dreams and Yanen was so sweet. She rushed up to greet us and wish us well, so she is not only talented but also very kind and easy to take direction from! Another suggestion is Soko Sandoval, who is based in PV and took pictures of our wedding for Dazzling Details. The few highlights that I've seen have been from her and they were great. The only possible issue there may be a language barrier - since I had no interaction with her, I don't know how well she speaks English. I hope that helps! Good luck!
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    Wedding Vows

    Bumping this thread because I'm preparing to begin writing my vows and thought other gals may find this as helpful as I did!
  3. This is super cute! I'd be interested in more information also!
  4. I totally agree with you gals - the right price is different for each bride. Personally, I'm going all out on the ceremony & reception, but I hope to stay around $1500 for my dress.
  5. You look beautiful and that sash is terrific!
  6. What does your dress look like? That would help me to vote...
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice, it has definitely helped with my decision!
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    Mexico Newbie

    Welcome and Congrats! We are getting married in Mexico as well, great choice!
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    April 2012 Dreams Palm Beach Bride

    Welcome and congratulations!!
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    May 2012-Golden Parnassus

    Welcome and congratulations!!
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    Hello ladies!

    Welcome and congratulations!!
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    Hello..Early Planner. Wedding in 2013!!

    Welcome and congratulations!!