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  1. You'll be fine without having the whole restaurant. Are you going to ask for the outside area or the inside area? I can't remember how many people they can fit outside. Also, there's a patio above the restaurant for larger groups so that's an option too. I LOVE it there - that's a great place for a reception.
  2. You're going to be tired - definitely switch resorts. We went to three locations (ranked in order of preference) and LOVED the whole honeymoon: -La Casa Que Canta - This is the most amazing place! It's expensive, but such good food (the food isn't expensive, just the lodging) and SOOO relaxing. It's just what we needed right after the wedding. Note - there is a party boat that is out until 2:30 or 3 in the cove. Either be on the party boat or don't stay there on a Saturday as you'll be awake. Tell them you want the Besame Mucho room (I think it's room 10) -It's the best room: A rom
  3. So - paper is a bit difficult to work with for guys. In our situation, I have a lot of artwork that my husband has graciously adopted but nothing is "us." So, I have decided to take a picture from our wedding (a close up of our hands as I slip his ring on his finger after he's put the ring on mine) and have commissioned an artist to render a pencil drawing. I am writing a love letter on the back of the picture that I will show him before I place it in the frame. I am going to replace a picture that's on the wall that we see when we wake up every morning so not only will he s
  4. That is one of my favorite wedding sites (and the best wedding date - same as mine). How did you like the restaurant location?
  5. We went back and forth on this. It was important to DH but not to me. However, both of us were glad with our choice. We stayed together, woke up, went for a walk together on the beach and sat down and talked (my dad had a drama episode and it bothered my DH so it was good we were together and talked and he felt connected to me). After our walk, he dropped me off at the restaurant where I was having brunch with the bridesmaids and then we didn't see each other or talk until I walked down the aisle. It was sweet all the way around. But what you do is really just up to you.
  6. I really wish I could join (and meet) all of you, but I'm only in LA Mon - Thurs. Have a wonderful time!!!!
  7. I just tried that dress on for a wedding last week and almost bought it. It's so pretty and a wonderful fit - it will look beautiful with your hair color! I was planning on either: a) black, thin strappy sandle and this very cool black necklace that I have that sort of reminds me of 20's jewelry; or a barely noticeable nude sandal and some delicate jewelry I hadn't thought of chocolate brown - that's a good idea, too. I guess it depends on the overall look you want to create, but there are a lot of options.
  8. That's funny Glenda. I say, accept their statements gracefully and say, "We totally understand if you can't make it." There's no need to engage in any more conversation. I think that even if they sent me an email with an alternate place to get married, I'd reply back, "we totally understand if you can't make it." UGH!
  9. I dropped the whole insurance thing altogether after they gave me that quote, but, yes that was what they quoted. Granted, it was for full replacement for lost, stolen, or damanged, and my ring is a bit expensive, but no, it's not $100,000 (or $50,000 for that matter). I was so shocked.
  10. Oh - I'm so confused about this. When I did an initial insurance quote, the amount they wanted per year was crazy. I want to say it was $3000 to $3500 a year. I dropped that to do after that. Is this consistent with others or was the insurance company over-quoting me?
  11. I love it! Also, Martha Stewart's wedding magazine had an aqua/red theme thing in one of their magazines last year. See if you can track it down - I remember a cool invitation and cake.
  12. Oh that's a good idea - maybe you can give her the clipboard to make sure that everyone gets on the boat. She can be Julie McCoy!
  13. UGH - my parents are divorced and both remarried (they divorced 15 years ago). My dad was the one that got weird even though my mom was the one entitled to be weird. On my wedding day (after my dad stormed off at dinner the night before because he thought it was unfair that we ask that he toast the night of the wedding and let MIL toast at the rehearsal dinner as is customary), I had to tearfully sit down with my father and tell him that his behavior was hurting my feelings. I also told him that he needed to learn to accept that we are all one big family - for the wedding as well as for
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