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  1. Thanks, girls!!! We just arrived back and it was even more perfect than I imagined! I will post pics as soon as I get them downloaded!
  2. I was thinking about carrying white roses and pink orchids, and my bridesmaids carrying white lilies. Will this work?? Or should the bouquets share similiar flowers?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Colors are off on the orchids... sorry! I really like the look of bouquet, too. Thank you!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lyrebard This seems close to what you're looking for, maybe? (Stumbled across it during my own cymbidium bouquet search!) http://www.flowerbar.com.au/images/wp/w032.jpg And a reverse version of that (pink stargazer lilies and white orchids): http://www.flowerbar.com.au/images/wp/w030.jpg That is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!
  5. Hi Girls! I am looking for a bouquet made with tigerlilies and cymbidium orchids. (specifically, white lilies and light pink orchids- but any color in the pic is fine.) Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!! Jackie
  6. Ooooh...you girls are good! Keep 'em coming
  7. Hi girls! Looking for colors/kinds of flowers that will look good with these dresses. My wedding colors are mainly pinks and white. Pictures appreciated!! Thank you!!
  8. Hmmm...since you are doing boarding pass ivnvites, you could use "Passengers". I have also seen this done before: ___Yes, have a Margarita ready! __No, I sunburn easily!
  9. PVBride

    Palm Leaf Chargers

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hopels Not the dark brown, but DIRT CHEAP on oriental trading company! Here's the link... Round Luau Fringe Place Mats I wonder if these could be stained or spray painted deep brown Hmmm...just a thought.
  10. PVBride

    Palm Leaf Chargers

    Quote: Originally Posted by amyh Yup I was looking for them. I saw those at Ikea but I was looking for a deep brown color. I may rent some in PV, if I can find them! Amy, After seeing the pics that you posted, I have been looking everywhere for reasonably priced dark brown chargers, too. I actually had my WC in PV look and she said that nobody(that she can find) rents them there However, the search is still on and I will let you know if I find some, and vise-versa!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Galit I am ordering them in "luxe white" for the invitations Also, I really like the idea of letting our guests take left-over wedding cake back to their rooms, so I might get the "luxe pink" for that as well I feel like you and I have been looking for invitation boxes for quite some time. Yay for finally finding them! So the sealing thing has become a bit of an issue because I really don't want to put any tape or anything on the boxes. As of right now, I have narrowed my options down to 2: 1. dab some hot glue on the flaps/sides of the cover to keep them in there during shipping 2. designing some sort of wrap around label thing that is nice enough to be caligraphied Once the boxes come in, I will decide. I think it's going to depend on how nice the finish of the box is (ie, whether its nice enough to just caligraphie the boxes directly). Sizing: also an issue because the invite backing I am using is a weird size (8.5 by 5.5), so I am trying to decide if the 8.75 x 6.25 x 1.25 is big enough. If I decide it's not, I will need to use the 9 x 6.5 x 2.75... really, I just need to locate a ruler and figure this out! Filler: If I go with the smaller box, I will probably fold tissue paper around the invitation to protect the starfish. However, if I go withthe larger box, I will need serious filler because it's damn near 3 inches deep! I'm planning on tying the invite with raffia string, so maybe fill the bottom with raffia?!?! I would def like to hear some suggestions on that Yes, I have been looking forever and am so happy to have finally found these! Thanks, again I was thinking of sealing them with a round sticker of our logo/monogram. Not sure if it will look right, though?! As a fallback, I like your idea of hot glue on the inside. Filler - I was thinking of using raffia as well, only the "curly" raffia. I chose the luxe white boxes, too. Love them! Now I need to get my ruler out to see which size to choose. Thanks for all your help! jackie
  12. PVBride

    Wedding Day for Julie & Curt!

    Congrats!! I hope everything is perfect!! Cannot wait to see pictures.
  13. We are set to arrive in PV on February 24, will be married on February 29 and will leave on March 2nd! We will be doing all of the above at Playa Fiesta!!