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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl paula, you were one of the first dreams brides after i joined the forum (back when i had no idea where i was going to get married). when i saw *your* pics, that's when i *knew* ... thanks so much for still being a helpful part of the forum long beyond your wedding day! Awwwww.... Hey Lisa! I know I am not as active as I once was, but I know thing have changed so many things since I got married there: Packages, costs, rules, etc. One thing is true... Dreams was an incredible place to get married and my friends always say we should go back and party there again... Thanks to Tammy (Host) and this forum, I had the ~best~ wedding...
  2. Jilly! ~waves and XOXO!~ Ladies, my experience with all of the salon ladies was excellent. I thought I had to have Christian since I had heard great thing about him. He was in a class when I was there so I had one of the other stylists as did my sister and they were excellent! Don't stress it always works out for the best! Can I marry my husband at Dreams again?!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco Thanks Paula, I guess I'll ask Claudia to be my WC once again rather than using whoever-gonna-be the next WC, should make my life easier~ Again, they all work together - that is why your correspondance goes to the generic WC account. You have a team of WCs! Claudia is the main event coordinator though. No doubt your weddings will be fantastic!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco DING DING DING! I got my first response from Claudia, then handed to Daniella, then handed again to Gaby... and now another one? how many more on the go before my wedding?? How can I not be stress out When I met with Claudia on-site she had a file with all the emails and pictures I had sent them and my contract printed out. So they are pretty organized no matter who receives your emails. When we met she knew what was in the file, my concerns, she had recommendations, etc. Very thorough.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kiki317 Holy crap! Gaby was my WC!! I'm not even going to bother Claudia (yet). I think (hope) everything is pretty much planned and under control, i won't worry about it until i'm in Mexico (we have 5 days there beofre the wedding). I don't need anymore stress so i just won't think about! Quote: Originally Posted by jcoop Ack, i was waiting on word back that my deposit had made it through. I've been trying really hard not to stress about much in the planning...and really haven't worried too much when responses have been slow...but this is freaking me out a little Ladies, I know it is much easier said than done, but Dreams will take care of you, as it should be, much closer to your wedding date. Responses are delayed because Claudia and others on her staff are taking care of those weddings (and other events) that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. Claudia is an excellent event coordinator and does this day in and day out. She works late hours and hardly takes any time off. She is always out and about the property making sure the events in flight are prepped. So no matter who you had as a WC, you will be well taken care of. You will also have a couple of meetings once you are on site. (Kiki - I only had 3 days before the wedding which was more than plenty of time). They have weddings almost every day and will make sure your day is as you want it and special. Relax, focus on those things you can control- your dress, travel, OOT, wedding party stuff, etc. Looking back I know I spent *TOO* much time worrying about things that I didn't need to
  6. This was very helpful Dina. I am not a Maui bride, but my DH and I are taking a trip there this July
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride I am a little paranoid also with taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel considering all the stuff that's going on in Mexico right now. If anyone knows whether Dreams offers transportation for pick up I would love to have any contact information.. Dreams does not offer transportation, but there is pleanty shuttles outside the airport and the ride is not very far. My TA, Tammy (Host) arranged mine for us and it was a great service. I don't remember their name, sorry. We shared the ride to the hotel with some otehr folks, but the trip to Playa for our honeymoon was just us. Very affordable.
  8. Happy belated birthday dear Tammy! Hope you had a fantastic day!
  9. Happy belated birthday dear Tammy!!! I hope you had an excellent celebration!
  10. Oh Leia! It's almost here! And we got to see it all come together Best wishes for a perfect day sweetie!
  11. Oh ... how we have waited for this day! Congratulations Erica and Donnie! Wishing you the best for your marriage ... muchas felicidades!!! XO! Paula
  12. Gosh Erin, sorry you had to deal with that... what a way to spend your birthday. Here in central Ohio there were hundreds of thousands without power, and still about 350,000 without power all due to the high winds we got from Ike and some northern front. Our power went out Sunday around 4pm and got it back Tuesday morning at 5am. Our cable/internet finally came back last night. We had to throw our everything in the freezer. Were able to put some refridgerated items into a cooler with the only ice we had. We were not able to find ice or D batteries anywhere! So glad it's over for us. Feel terrible for those that are still dealing with it.
  13. Buster is adorable Maria! Nyko tends to gravitate towards boxers at the dogpark. They are so playful! Hope you are enjoying your new home!
  14. Congratulations! Love your pictures! I was married there too and it was fantastic!
  15. I don't have any of those items, but CONGRATULATIONS on setting a date!
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