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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jweekley Hey guys! I need some help...or something... I searched for a related thread but had trouble finding one so I'm posting on the trusty LC thread. My fiance and I are putting the deposit down today for our Nov. 7-09 wedding at Las Caletas (if we can get in touch with Nicole...she's a busy girl). After getting off the phone with my mom today I discovered that she's really, really upset that we're planning a wedding in Mexico. With the economy as horrendously ugly as it is right now she doesn't think that anyone will be able to show up and that we will end up being heartbroken over paying a lot of money for less than 10 guests. So..because she's my mother..she has put serious doubts in my mind. How many people showed up for you? What price do people consider acceptable for travel and airfare packages? Ugh. This is so frustrating. We haven't been able to get travel details hammered out yet because agents are telling us that airlines don't release flights until 11 months prior to the travel date. I know that the main focus shouldn't be about the wedding (blahblah) but the marriage but I am really stressed out. Go figure, a stressed out bride to be. Any suggestions? Well I know how you feel. I got married and it wasn't really bad yet, but we had all kinds of excuses why people wouldn't come. I was seriously considering cancelling because I didn't want that disappointment of walking down the isle and only seeing 10 guests. It really broke my heart to know that everyone would not see me get married. We worked through it and had our hearts set on LC. We ended up having 13 guests and they were only parents, stepparents and siblings. PERFECT!!!! We couldn't have asked for a better time. The amount of people was just fine and I wasn't disappointed at all and I didn't miss anyone. When we got back and were showing everyone pictures they were like ah man we should have gone. Haha well you didn't and you missed out suxs for you would basically be what I would tell them but nicer. Bottome line...do what you want. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. The economy is going to turn around. The peso has already dropped in value compared to the dollar so there is a good chance that room rates will actually go down. Everything will be slightly cheaper. If you want to keep it as cheap as possible don't book it around holidays or busy travel seasons and go with less expensive hotels or let them choose for themselves so they can fit it into their budget. Vacation packages through southwest or us air are really a good way to go.
  2. I'm glad you had a great time. My dress "caught" on fire too. Actually, we were taking pictures and the photog went to rearrange my dress and she accidentally put in right on top of a candle. I thought she was going to die when she saw what she did. I just laughed and said well it made it through the ceremony and most of the pictures that was all I cared about. The time does fly by so quickly, but hopefully you got a video because it is a great way to relive the experience and see things that you didn't even know was going on.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by KCHISM I was wondering if anyone is thinking of having their guests go to the Rhythm of the Night show after their ceremony and dinner? We are having a small wedding 15-20ppl. I thought it would be fun entertainment for the wedding guests but I'm not sure if we should or not. Any imput? I know that this was an option. Honestly, I wouldn't do it because the time flies by so fast, I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much. Once we had our ceremony and dinner, we had maybe an hour or two to dance. We really wanted more time to do the party reception thing. I don't know if everyone else's "partying" time was that short or we were just super slow at eating, and I do know that we started the ceremony about 45 mins late b/c of sailboat docking problems, FIL getting lost, and everyone having to freshen up after their baths in salt water on the way out of the marina. Another option would be to have the fire dancers come to the reception. Several people on here did that and loved it. I think that it is similar to what you would see at Rhythms of the Night just on a very small scale. I think that if you really want to do it go ahead. I would suggest setting up a group tour for another night. You might be able to use this as your rehearsal dinner instead of going somewhere. If I'm not mistaking they do serve food during the tour, but I've never been. Quote: Originally Posted by abandcraig A question for all you you upcoming (and past) las Caletas brides. I just made the decision to get married there as well - we are putting the deposit down on Monday. However, now we may have to change our hotel choice. Where are all of you having guest stay at? We were going to stay at Barcelo Mismoloya but are now concerned that it might be too far to town (for those that want to venture in) and then the ride to the marina would be quite long from what I hear. Just wanted to get some advise from some other brides. I want to get everything booked now! We are learning heavily towards an all-inclusive but I think we are still open to any suggestions. We think we will have about 40 people and the hotel has to allow children. Thanks so much for your help!! We stayed at the Melia Puerto Vallarta. It was AI and they have lots of programs for kids. Don't be alarmed by the website. It makes the resort look like it is all Flinstones and not very high class, but TRUST ME its not at all. Very, Very nice place. It is fairly affordable too. Roundtrip airfare from Phoenix, room, and AI cost an average of $750/pp for 6 days/7 nights, granted that was last year. It is a $6 taxi ride from the hotel to the marina.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Kimbo That is exactly what I want for my invitation. How did you make the passport and was it based on a template you can share Hi there, I had received a template from someone else but ended up creating my own and using their ideas for wording and some of the stamps. The templates for both the passports and std boarding passes are on post number 15 and 16 of this thread. If you can't open them up let me know and I can send them to you through e-mail. DH and I had a lot of fun making these, but to warn you they are a lot of work and you will spend a lot of money on printer ink if you print them at home. Personally I think it was well worth it. Our guests loved them and still talk about them all the time as the most creative they had ever received. Enjoy being creative! And thank you everyone for the kind words.
  5. I don't think that I ever posted my pro pics. I've had them for a while but had to go through them and upload them onto photobucket since the photog didn't do a website slideshow for us. There are still a ton of pictures, but I swear I cut it done by 2/3! Now the really hard part comes...which ones should we print to hang on the wall and how the heck are we supposed to decide?! There are too many to choose from! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  6. Here is my center piece. Really simple and beachy. They didn't cost us anything since Kelley had them use sand from the beach, and I brought the shells, which cost like $5 from Walmart for a pretty large bag. I had thought this up and tried to explain it to Kelley because I hadn't seen any pictures of examples even kind of similar to this. They turned out even better than what I had imagined. I went this route because its simple, doesn't have flowers (I really am not a fan of roses and didn't want to pay for floral centerpieces), and doesn't impede the vision of anyone and there was still plenty of room on the table without feeling cramped.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tvt hey girlies, i was just writing an email to the girls going to LC early with me, and I was wondering, for you girls that have done this already, what you all brought over with you? Did each of your girls bring their own shower stuff? i was thinking of getting them each little soaps and good disposable razors, and brining shampoo. but my mom thinks that they will each bring their own anyway. thoughts? I bought these little duffle bag like makeup bags that were super light weight and had lots of room and cost about $1 from Target. We filled them with travel size toiletries and a disposable razor. I took a shower first and forgot mine in there, but everyone used mine after that and didn't use their own, except for the razors I think. We each brought our own makeup, hair products and brushes, but we shared blowdryers and brought two curling irons, for the four of us. It worked out really well, while someone was in the shower someone was drying their hair. I can tell you this. It looks like a large space but when you get a bunch of girls trying to get ready all at the same time, it gets crowded, so try to minimze the amount of stuff you are bringing to keep the stress levels down and keep from tripping over stuff. Quote: Originally Posted by Ms.Boo Do they have a variety of stones there or are most of you bringing your own? I love the look of the blue ones on the brown table runner. I left my sea shells and glass beads there. I asked Kelley if she still had Anne's glass and she did so we also used that to help decorate.
  8. So I have been having major issues at work lately. I have tried to research as much as I can about Labor Laws but can't seem to understand anything. So here is the situation. It started May 07. I was entitled to a grade increase at my job (federal employee), but HR could not figure out how to process it literally until Feb 08, when I finally got back paid for all of my time. It was a long and painful process to explain to HR what needed to happen, because no one could figure out what needed to be done (not that promotions are so rare or anything!) May 15 2008 rolls around and low and behold I get no paycheck at all. I didn't know what was wrong so of course I call up HR and ask what's up. They tell me there is a not to exceed date (NTE) on my account that had lapsed, and basically I am non-existent to their system and can't get paid until it is fixed. Dumb asses put in my promotion as a temporary promotion that was supposed to end on May 15 and basically terminate me. I asked how long it would be and they said oh shouldn't be too long. Well 2 months later we are still fighting. They had to do this whole history correction thing that they claim takes lots of time (some up to a year to complete) Today was the first day that I didn't have to get manually paid. For the last month and half I only received a 70% "loan" of my normal rate. The "loan" is money they give you basically to shut you up until the next pay period when it should be fixed. The loan is paid back when the timesheets process (mine did not because of the NTE) and then I receive the additional 30% of course after the deductions. So today I get paid a whopping $32 off of a $1000 check. They say it is because I received a pay increase that I wasn't supposed to (which accounted for a $0.40 difference from my normal pay) for 2007 and 2008, but in 2008 I was not given my annual increase so they had to mess with that too. I crunched some numbers and find out last year was perfect, no overpayment, no underpayment. This year they over paid me by $8.39. But they are still claiming I owe them all this money, when in reality I should receive the rest of my checks for the last month and half plus all of this pay period's check. I figure that I should be entitled to about $1200. No one believes me and won't look into my case at HR. My managers and higher up personnel are very supportive and think the whole things is a bunch of crap (I am on the phone dealing with this pay issue at least 3 hrs every day since I didn't get paid and spent at least 15 hrs a month last year trying to get my pay increase). I thought employers were not allowed to take more than half of my check. I know that is how it is with my husband's child support even if he doesn't make enough to pay it in full they only take half his check. I would think there would be a law against how long it takes them to do actions that involve people not being paid. At one point they told me that it was a continuing problem so they were not even going to manually pay me, until someone really high up stepped and said they couldn't do that. I'm so frustrated and stressed over this whole thing. Worse of all I can't quit because 1) I like my job and 2) they funded me to go to school so if I quit I owe them $20K. This not getting paid has really put a pinch in all of our finances and I can't take it anymore. We won't survive much longer and then comes the awful late payments and bill collectors, when just before all of this happened we had just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone have any advice? Thanks for letting me vent.
  9. To All Future LC Brides~ I know how it is to get all caught up in creating and preparing "little" stuff like menu cards and table number stuff. Just remember that LC is such an amazing place that your guests will remember the thousands of candles and the good food and the ocean, not your menu cards or the favors you gave them. By all means do them if you want, but please don't stress over small stuff like that. Your day is not about these things it is about marrying the man of your dreams and having a good time with friends and family. Also don't forget about your future hubby. Spend time with him during this whole planning process. DH got super jealous that I spent more time on this site and was more focused on the wedding than him. LC is sooooo peaceful, ENJOY it! You deserve it, don't stress. I thought I would be a nervous wreck on my day. I took a two and half hour nap b/c the casita is that peaceful. You can hear the birds singing and the trees rattling outside. The breeze just flows in through the windows and it is just AMAZING. I have been to lots of places and have never been able to get this kind of feeling. This made my day that much better and allowed me to take everything in and REMEMBER it. I have a lot of friends getting married now and they all say it was the worse day of their life b/c it was sooo stressful and they couldn't enjoy themselves. I feel so bad for them b/c its not supposed to be that way. Trust me and everyone else who has said it on here. LC is BEAUTIFUL by itself without any added extras.
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    Needed to do something

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Have you washed it yet? You are going to use way too much shampoo and conditioner lol I have to consciously think to not put too much. DH laughed when I first washed it, he said I took longer than when I had long hair. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek Have you brushed your back yet? I always do that when i cut my hair, when i go to brush my hair for the first time i continue to brush where the hair isn't anymore. Totally, same with running my hand through my hair. Very difficult to get used to it not going on and on.
  11. Well I have been under a lot of stress lately with work and other stuff and needed to do something for myself so I cut my hair. 15" came off initially, then she had to cut at least another 2-3 to even everything out and put in my new style. I donated it to Locks of Love, they make wigs from donated hair for little girls who have cancer. It is a great cause. I like my new haircut but it is a lot more work than when it was long. DH thinks I look even more like a little girl, like around 12, and says that we can't go in public together because he doesn't want to be accused of being my dad even more than he was before. He was mainly giving me a bad time, but claims he likes it. Here is my before (the only ones I had were from the wedding): In the chair: After:
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Hey LC Ladies! Has anyone used the cigar roller at the reception? I just asked Nicole for the prices and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this option? Also...no more weddings now for a few months! I might start having withdraws because of no new pics! Chrisnessa did. I found the thread for you of her review. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t13341 As for the pictures...I received my pro pictures, but it is only on pictage right now with 1796 pictures. I haven't had time to go through them and make a slideshow. She is sending a CD which would be much easier to work from. I'll post a link when I get one! Of course only if you want to see them
  13. Mel

    Most Unique Baby Names...

    My stepson's name: Brent Kaimilanikaeoeokamaehu Petronave-Fisher. No joke. He has more letters in his middle name than the alphabet. His mother picked it out. Mike was overseas so he didn't know it until he got the naval hospital birth certificate charge for having to have a special one made because the name was too long. He thought they had decided on Honu (turtle in Hawaiian), but she went and changed it. She does not even call him Brent, which is a nice name, and instead calls him Kaimi, which sucks because we hate that name but he won't let us call him anything else.
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    Any divers out there?

    I agree with what everyone here has said. Liveaboards are tiring and by the end of a couple of days you are just bored and "dived out". I think it would be fine if you were moving around a lot to new places to see different things, but all of them I have checked out stay in the same general area, meaning you see the same stuff over and over. Check with some of the local dive shops. I know one we are doing here offers trips to Europe all the time. They are offering a trip to Egypt sometime next year that actually is 14 days, but you only dive for 5 or 6 days. You get to tour the sites then dive a day, go to next place tour around then dive. It sounded amazing. Other shops may have something else similar. Kill two birds with one stone. I have dove all over the Caribbean but honestly can't say I have ever seen the Caribbean because I never set foot on land. I feel like I am missing out, even though I loved the dive time. Good luck! Its an exciting world down there. And I am super jealous that you got to dive Belize!!! There, Fiji, and the Great Barrier Reefs are my musts when someday I get money.
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    Any divers out there?

    I agree with what everyone here has said. Liveaboards are tiring and by the end of a couple of days you are just bored and "dived out". I think it would be fine if you were moving around a lot to new places to see different things, but all of them I have checked out stay in the same general area, meaning you see the same stuff over and over. Check with some of the local dive shops. I know one we are doing here offers trips to Europe all the time. They are offering a trip to Egypt sometime next year that actually is 14 days, but you only dive for 5 or 6 days. You get to tour the sites then dive a day, go to next place tour around then dive. It sounded amazing. Other shops may have something else similar. Kill two birds with one stone. I have dove all over the Caribbean but honestly can't say I have ever seen the Caribbean because I never set foot on land. I feel like I am missing out, even though I loved the dive time.