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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Katluvsthebeach Hi Jenn, Was there a pool at Coral Cove? Thanks, Kat I realize this is a late answer, but for any who are reading this, no there is not a pool on the property. We didn't miss it but if its a must have, then CC may not be for you.
  2. Congrats!! The cramps are pretty normal - usually are from implantation. And don't worry about not feeling different... I think the hardest part of those first few weeks is that you DON'T feel anything. Try to relax and enjoy!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Martin Wow, your dog is bigger than mine! I know what you mean about the dog hurting the baby. We taught our dog to shake hands but his paw is so big and his nails are so long that, in the past, he's scratched kids before but never with the intention of hurting them. Apollo's old now so he doesn't really pay much attention to the baby. He'll sniff him and that's it. But, yours is still young so I'm sure he has much more energy than mine. If you do take a pic of them both, please post; I would love to see! BTW- Congrats on your baby (not sure if I posted anything before) Thanks! Ozzie is actually pretty good with Finn, but I don't trust him just yet. Its funny because Ozzie kisses his feet, which is about the most adorable thing ever! I'm waiting until Finn can sit up (or at least hold his head up) to take pics of them together - but I'll post when I do! Quote: Originally Posted by ~*~Margie~*~ Thank you, yes I am 37 weeks today. Last week at my check up when the contractions started she told me they wouldn't do anything to stop them since I was so close to being considered "full term". I want him to have every chance possible to be healthy so a few more days "baking" is not a bad thing, I just don't think I can last 3 weeks with this type of contractions. Most of the pain is in my back plus the tightening and the pressure in my pelvis and then the baby decides to move at that moment and it all combines to be not so pleasant as I try to go about my normal day. Finn was 37 weeks, and he definitely could've used a few more days (weeks) to cook. We had a rough start and they think it was probably from him being early. Sorry to hear your uncomfortable, but soon you'll have your little one in your arms and you'll feel so much better! Quote: Originally Posted by Heidi Hi everyone! Just popping in to let you all know that I had my little girl! She was born on Jan 21 at 1:02am. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 19.5 inches long. We named her Ryleigh Rose! Here are a few pics for you! Hope everyone is doing well!!! Congrats Heidi!!! Gosh I've been off BDW for a long time - I didn't know you guys were preggo! I love her name and she's absolutely gorgeous!! Enjoy!
  4. That's so exciting Margie! Hopefully you'll keep making progress and will be meeting your little one soon! Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Martin Thanks! I know we passed the holidays so I should probably change the pic, but I love this pic! We used this pic for our cards and everyone loved it. Apollo's a Great Dane. He did pretty good taking the pics. Your dog must be huge, too. Do you have a pic of Finn and the dog yet? Ozzie is over 170lbs - not sure exactly what he's at now that he's full grown though. He turn 2 this Friday We've taken pics of him sniffing the baby, but he's still a bit rough and I don't totally trust him. He wouldn't hurt Finn on purpose, but Il worry about him swinging a massive paw his direction or something. I thought your dog was a Dane - Great name BTW! Ozzie is short for Ozymandius.
  5. LOL on the Sophie... Finn is too young for it, but we got one too. Everyone I talk to says that their kids love it, but I'm not sure how I'll keep my dogs away from it when the time comes. They already think that all the little baby toys and stuffies are for them. Mrs. Martin - that pic of your son is too precious! What kind of dog do you have? We have a Newfie and I'd love to do a picture like that next year for holiday cards!
  6. Thanks ladies . Kat - I love that picture of Ashlyn! So cute! As for hair, Finn's is growing so fast he'll need a haircut soon - lol.
  7. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! My little guy is officially 1 month old today - which is crazy! His name is Finneas (Finn) Eric, and while the past month has been a huge adjustment, we are totally in love with him and enjoying parenthood! Here's some pics:
  8. I'm not on here much anymore, but our guests LOVED the towels! I think it only works for a smaller wedding (we had about 15 guests), because of the weight, but if you can do it, they were a HUGE hit!
  9. Hey ladies! I know, I pop in and out on here - lol. I'm going to make more of an effort to stop into BDW more often though, and not just hang out on fertilityfriend. Kat - I'm hoping not to hear from you this morning - lol. Hopefully, that little girl wants to join the world today! You're doctor was talking about inducing tomorrow if she hasn't made the decision to come out on her own, right? Shelly and Amy - congrats!!! It seems like just yesterday we were planning weddings and now we're all preggers! Kelly - that's so scary! I'm high risk with my job, but I just don't think they've tested long enough on pregnant women, so I'm not getting the vaccine. Maybe I'll rethink after my little boy comes though. I hope Kerrington is doing better! Hope everyone is doing well!
  10. Hello ladies! I haven't been on BDW in forever and a year, but wanted to stop in, say hello and see how all the other preggos are! We're almost 28 weeks now, having a boy, and getting super excited! Hope everyone is doing well!
  11. Don't know anything about getting married there, but we spent part of our honeymoon at The Caves, and it was absolutely wonderful! I can only imagine how amazing a wedding would be there. It was the epitome of relaxation, and the staff will cater to your every want. Good luck!
  12. Congrats Kelly and Summer! Your little ones are gorgeous! Amy - Congrats on #2! Great news! And your son is adorable! I love those onesies with the months on them! What a great idea Hope everyone is doing well! I have my repeat NT scan tonight - baby just wasn't cooperating last week. I get to see the little one again though, so I'm excited! Hello second trimester, here I come!
  13. Congrats Summer!! I can't believe how many of you are due so soon! Beach Bride - I never got sick... I'm almost out of the first trimester, and the only symptoms I had were being exhausted, sore bbs, and a hint of nausea here and there. I was worried early on, but now I just feel lucky Enjoy it!
  14. Carly - Congrats!!!! I hope eveyrthing is going ok and that your u/s looks good Just popping in to say hi! We have our NT scan on Monday, and doctor's appt's up the wazoo... My prenatal screen came back with hypothyroid, so I had to see an endocrinologist this week, and I have an appt with high risk next week. I'm sure everything is going to be fine because we caught it early and they started me on meds, but its still a PITA. Hope everyone is doing well!
  15. I used the kodak upgraded subscription and have no complaints. It was $2.95/month, and you can either order prints through kodak, or download high res images to your computer. We setup an account and gave the login/pw to our guests, so everyone just uploaded and downloaded at will. It worked great!
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