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  1. No, he wasn't the DJ nor did we pay for a DJ. We provided an iPod with all of the songs we wanted to be played.
  2. The Marriott is great - we did a group block of rooms and everything worked out for everyone really well. They are non-AI, but I do believe they have AI options available. The whole hotel just went through a renovation and looks great. The food is good, the staff is friendly and the pool is great. The ocean water in that area is not so hot, but the pool overlooks the ocean. Great for walks on the beach though.
  3. The Marriott does it most evenings around sunset. My friends and family loved this! It's super cute and fun for all.
  4. Vallarta Adventures has loads to offer (same group that owns Las Caletas): Puerto Vallarta Eco-Tours, Expeditions, and Adventure Tours I've also had this one bookmarked: Tour Dune Buggy Adventure by Jungle Trek in Puerto Vallarta
  5. Does anyone know if Fernando (does hair at LC) have direct contact info or is available to do weddings other than at LC?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR I'm not very smart! I must have been looking at the wrong pics - I only saw the ceremony ones. I was like, I don't get it - why should I recognize this dress?! lol DUH! not sure what i was looking at, but i didn't see the TTD pics. NOW I see the dress! lol It looks great on you, much better than it did on me. It fit great and I loved it (THANK YOU, ANN), but once it got wet at the TTD, it became VERY see-through. The other guests at the pool got an eye full (I wasn't even wearing panties).
  7. I still owe a review of the Marriott. Nothing sketchy about it for me. I've stayed there several times in the past few years and have never had a problem. The renovations are great, too! We had a Jr. Suite and it was beautiful and big. Connected to my daughter's room, too. I'll have to post more info, but honestly I'm a fan of the CasaMagna Marriott. I know some girls on BDW have had bad experiences, however. Another good spot to read about the hotel, see pics from guests, etc. is on TravelAdvisor.com. Very honest reviews there as well. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Rev...fic_Coast.html
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne lol Christina - you are so funny!!! (In a good way!) Reading your review I'm thinking "that's exactly what I'd be feeling!" - I'm thinking we must have similar personalities! I'm so happy that you didn't let the "little" things (and I use that term loosely when your wedding dress is burned!!! LOL) get you down! Good for you!!! Sounds like you made your day happen. I can't wait to go see the pics now!!! Did you happen to post a separate thread about the Marriott?? I haven't browsed for that, but I will. I'm dying to hear about that as well. All in all - sounds like an AMAZING wedding!! CONGRATS and welcome back home!!!!! :) :) :) Thank you!!! So sweet... After my husband stepping on the train of my dress, taking out the bustle after four months of work, I had to get over the little things. I was pretty stressed out prior to that really. But after a drink, I got into the spirit of things and just let it all go and enjoyed myself and had to remember that the small stuff doesn't really matter. I did not do a Marriott thread, but I should post for it or at least tag onto the one from before. Hope you got to look at the pics. I can't stop looking at them!!! I loved our wedding day!
  9. So many pics! All so good!! Stunning. I want to go back there now!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Hey Christina Been busy! Just wanted to say HI! Hopefully not too busy to read my LC review and view pics ; ) Let me know if you need anything/have questions, etc. about LC and the PV Marriott. Too bad you have surgery on 12/12. Hope everything is okay!
  11. I would love to meet up... I missed the last one because of my bridal shower. Plus, it's a good excuse to go to the Glass Cactus. Been dying to go there! Jaime - it's nice to see you on here. It's been a while...
  12. Wow - everything sounds great! The chuppah looked just like mine - except I didn't have the shells. We were so glad we extended ours an hour but on the back end - we left LC at 11:30pm. Love the pics and review! You were about two weeks after me : )
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by brittbrodin Thanks for the review Christina!! Isn't Kelley great!! She is also my WC. My FI and I met w/ her last July when we did the site inspection at LC. It was so nice to actually meet her and she made my decision so easy because she was so great! So I'm really glad to hear she took care of every detail and more for you guys! Congrats!! Kelley was great - Nicole was my WC and she was fantastic! They both are so good at what they do.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR What a detailed review, I love it. But I must admit, I don't recognize the dress! lol I looked and looked! It does look similar to mine w/the shimmery beading, but I think it's a different dress - right? Please do come back and post a review, I love reading them and they really are helpful to future brides! I used the JCrew dress from you in my TTD - very simple and very plain but so pretty. The TTD is at the end of the pics. oh well...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by brittbrodin I was talking w/ my FI last night about your incident with the DJ! I can't believe you had to go over there like 4 times just to get him to play from your playlist. This is something we've put a lot of work into and spent several hours and $$ on itunes so I hope he finally got the point. Maybe since you mentioned it to Nicole she'll make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Also, aren't the fire dancers always supposed to come out and suprise everyone at the end of the night?? I thought that's what Kelley told me during our visit. Anyways, great review and you definitely started getting me excited!! We didn't hire him as a DJ per se, it was just the sound guy - but definitely got the better of me that night. We put a lot of time and iTunes into our playlist, too! I still fume when I think about it... we had some really good songs that we never got to hear. Not sure when the fire dancers are supposed to come out, but for us it was to be after the first dance. I just happen to see them and said we may as well get moving with the dance portion of the night anyway - they probably had come straight over after the Rhythms of the Night show. You could probably have them wait till you're ready.
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