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  1. I am still trying to decide on which photographer to go with or fly one down. the photographer here gave me a tip re: the negatives or CD . were you able to get good pictures off of the cd that you recieved?
  2. if you are craving pizza there is this really really good pizza place Cafe Roma. prices are cheap, staff is amaxing. also has free internet and you can call home from their phone as long as you order food. check out their website Sr Fox Cafe Roma Pizzeria and Pub in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Pipi's has the best guacamole fresh made right at your table. but the downfall.. the wait for a table can be quite long
  3. so far I'm the shortest. officially dating for 1 yr 3 mths. we have known eachother for about 3yrs . we met at a bar when he was out with all the "guys" right before he left for Iraq.
  4. thank you for the info. I will contact Dreams to find out who they go through. You would think that the Krystal would do it since it is "family friendy" and one of the original hotels.
  5. Anyone know what hotels or vendors offer the baby sea turtle releasing in November and dates that it is done? I asked our WC about it and they said that the dreams hotel is the only one they know of. My fiance is a sea turtle fanatic and it is one of the main reasons for picking a november wedding date in PV. We would love to have our guests do something that would be unforgetable and a "once in a lifetime opportunity for us Minnesotans to experience.
  6. I am going to be working with Vallarta Weddings and having our wedding ceremony at NH Krystal. Any advice on pros and cons?? We are also looking at Aldo Tovar for our photographer, i liked his pics on his site better then all the others. but aln thoughts on him or his style are welcomed. I'm getting nervous about all these decisions and all help or thoughts are much needed.
  7. I have stayed there. the rooms are good, decent priced and it is not a spring breakers type of hotel. its at the of town, south end i believe. but walking on the beach or the street, there are great resturaunt and bars very close by. I liked it and I would definately stay there again
  8. We stayed at Playa Los Arcos in september for a short trip. Its in old town PV. its a smaller hotel, not a lot of activities, but it is closer to Conchas Chinas. prices are reasonable and service is excellent. the rooms are not sectacular, just an average room, but i see it as you are hardly in your room anyway.
  9. I would also suggest Andales in PV. I go there every time I'm there for a vacation and the staff is crazy and so nice. They treat you like they have known you for years, great music and reasonabley priced drinks (much cheaper than douwntown bars) The crowd, depending on the time or yea,r is very diverse in ages but everyone, even the 80 yr olds get crazy. there is not an official dance floor so everyone is dancing all over. its a very small place so if you are going during "high season" I suggest getting there early just to get a table.
  10. angiel

    PV bride

    hello! Obvsiously I'm a newcomer. My fiance and I are planning our wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico For November 16,2008. My name is angie and my fiance is shane. I found this site a while back and am just joining now after months of debate on where to get married. It actually came to the point of flipping a coin for me to decide (10 out of 13 flips said mexico). So hopefully, i'm sure I will, get great advice and ideas form everyone who is a member. I definately will need it. Angie
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