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  1. Hey Ladies!! I'm heading to PV on Tuesday for our wedding! Will be in PV until the 26th and then off to Zihuat. Wish us luck and thanks for your help and support in the past. Be back in a few weeks with reviews and pictures!
  2. Oh, nips are the mini-bottles that are about 2oz., enough for a shot - probably a slang thing that I picked up in college =) Like the bottles you get on the plane.
  3. We're going to try and put nips in our OOT bags, too, but might just do bottles of beer. I've been to the Walmart down there, but can't remember if I saw nips. I def think, though, that buying it down there is a much better idea. Just imagine the nips breaking in your luggage! I'll be down in PV for our wedding at the end of Feb and will try and fill you in when I return!
  4. I don't know where all the places are, but our wedding photog does TTD sessions all over the city and on the beach. You can dig through her blog here for examples. I love the ones in front of the graffiti walls. A link would help: Michelle Turner
  5. Great review, thanks for taking the time to go into detail about everything!!! My 2cs on the Westin - we went on our site visit last February and it was actually pretty packed. One of those things where people go out in the morning to stake out their chairs with a towel all day. Maybe it's week to week? Would agree that it's quite pretty (I LOVE the weddngs at the pergolas) - but is definitely on the pricier side of hotels.
  6. From a recent email from Priscilla, she says that Ruben is the new coordinator - not sure if he's a wedding coordinator or just a beverage/banquet services guy like Marco was.
  7. Hilarious!!! We were in Cabo for a friend's DW a couple years ago. We were flying from Boston, so we were a little bedraggled when we arrived at the Westin Hacienda del Mar. The "activities" coordinator sat us down. I was already sorta onto her, but my FI was like, "Cool! Maybe they'll tell us about fishing". They proceeded to spiel us to a quick death - before I knew it, he had put down a $30 deposit to go on one of their timeshare tours that came with a free dinner. My FI was SERIOUSLY like, "hey, cool, FREE dinner". He wasn't hearing my pleading eyes. When we finally got away, I explained to him that they were timeshare hawkers. He was so upset that we were duped - luckily he turned right around and got our money back. They're cute sometimes, aren't they!
  8. I'm a little slow, but WELCOME all the same!!!
  9. bienvenidos! Like I said on the other thread, we're getting married in PV the week before you!
  10. Oh, and we're getting married the week before...we're JUST going to miss you =(
  11. I'm sure everything is on track, but if you're not hearing from them on e-mail, I would definitely try and stalk them on the phone. If not for anything but peace of mind. They just might be less responsive because it's around the holidays - JaimeLynne is right about things moving a little slower in Mexico. It is ESPECIALLY true around Christmas. Doubtful if anything is open down there so even if our WCs are working quickly, they're vendors probably are not. Positive thoughts to you!
  12. Wai-Ching is making our BM dresses, but customizing it. It's the Vendredi, but we're making them sleeveless and they'll be purple with red ties. The dresses are hand dyed and sewn! Chrissy is GREAT! She's making my dress, too (the Yowying). Wai-Ching
  13. d'oh, I just asked my WC to pick flowers for the bout's, but didn't even think that the guys would be in white linen shirts. Thanks for the pic, MoWife - I like how the flowers looks with the shirts!
  14. We're planning to do the Brunch at the Mayan - Prisar is setting that up for us, too.
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