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  1. Hi Steffeny11! We just got married at Villa Mia on June 5, 2009. It was WONDERFUL! We rented 11 bedrooms for four nights. The villa is beautiful, the view is breathtakingly beautiful, and the staff is absolutely great. Everyone in our group had an amazing time and loved Villa Mia. It was so hard to come back to the real world! It looks like you're getting married the same time of year next year. Let me know if you have specific questions about the villa and I'll be happy to answer them. At some point I'll sit down and do a whole review, but I've been traveling for work since we got back and just haven't had a chance.
  2. I haven't used Eve's Flower Gallery (info@flowergallery.com.mx), but I did request a quote via email from them. They were very quick to respond and their proposal was very professional. Flowers To Go (sales@flowerstogovallarta.com) was also quick to respond via email. The pricing of both vendors was very similar. Haven't decided which one to use!
  3. KatieT


    Congrats Nikki! I'm heading to Puerto Vallarta for my wedding, but a friend of mine has stayed at two different villas in Jamaica. Thought I'd pass along the info in case you were looking to do a smaller wedding or needed a place for your family to stay. Best of luck with the planning! Jamaica Villas & Vacation Rentals - Luxury Villas for rent in the Caribbean Luxury Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith Home Page
  4. Celina - Thanks for the update! I think your cake turned out great. What a beautiful cake for $100. I've got to start making some phone calls soon. There's only going to be about 20 of us, so I'd definitely like something small and $100 or less! P.S. Your photo on the beach is beautiful!
  5. Thanks for the help! I just did some searching online and found a couple of websites to share with everyone. They have some really great prices on Mexican products! I can't speak to their service/quality because I haven't ordered anything yet. Home of Fiesta Goods MEXICAN IMPORTS Hope this helps someone out!
  6. Does anyone have any ideas for wedding favors? I would like to incorporate Mexico in some way, but I can't think of anything!
  7. Does anyone know if there is whale watching in Puerto Vallarta?
  8. What an awesome idea. I love turtles too. I think I may copy your idea!
  9. I am so confused as to whom I will have officiate my wedding. I think it will probably end up being someone personal, but I guess I am not too familiar with the process of becoming ordained.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestion for excursions or planned activities in Puerto Vallarta? Snorkeling, hiking, tours, etc.
  11. I saw that Puerto Vallarta has a Costco and a Sam's Club. Does anyone know if they are just like the stores here in the States? Do they serve alcohol? Sell flowers?
  12. Congrats! I am originally from Chicago as well...Good luck with the planning!
  13. Congratulations Amy! I am sure you will love your joyous day!
  14. KatieT

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. It's been years since I've been to the Bahamas, but we enjoyed the Breezes in Nassau when we were there if you are looking for venues. Have fun planning!
  15. Welcome to the forum! Happy planning!
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