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  1. Thank you! What a great website!
  2. Great! So many colors and I think the cheapest price I've seen! Thanks Shannon!
  3. Krs! You know what's funny is that I wanted both, so I was really glad to see your post on Sky lanterns! Thank you for the suggestions! I read on another Bucerias brides' post that Sky Lanterns are prohibited in Bucerias because of the potential fire hazards (with all the palapa rooftops). I'm so incredibly sad because I was hoping for Sky Lanterns at the end of my wedding as well! Does anyone here know of a similar alternative to a Sky Lantern (that won't burn the village down!) Thanks to you three ladies for your help! I greatly appreciate it! -Crystal
  4. Mishka! Thank you for all the fantastic information! Since you are a food and wedding expert I was wondering if you had some suggestions as far as some budget friendly catering services that also do rentals (I need tables, chairs, silverware, table linens, napkins, glassware). Do you know of anyone that will do it for around $3,000 for 60-70 people? I'm willing to do buffet style. Also- my future mom-in-law is looking for a fabulous rehearsal dinner venue in Bucerias. She is hosting the event and I don't quite know what her budget is, although I don't want her overspending for us. I've heard some great reviews for Ztai which looks incredible, I just didn't see any pricing on their website and don't know who to contact. Thanks so much for all your suggestions and advice!
  5. Hi ladies! Looking at some of your pictures and other destination wedding pictures, it appears that those beautiful round Japanese lanterns seems to be a common decorative theme. I myself, was looking to get some in yellow. Does anyone know of a cheap place to find these in bulk? Thanks!
  6. Lola Congratulations!!! I am so glad to hear that you had such a great experience. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced I want to go with Yanen, and luckily she does fit my budget. How was the Dazzling Details? I wanted to try and plan my wedding without a coordinator in order to avoid the cost of a middle man, but I am realizing that it can be a hassle (especially not living there!). Also- did you get married civily in Mexico or did you take care of paper work in the states before your wedding? I am hearing different things, particularly on the topic of blood tests and other paper work to be done in Mexico before getting married there. I would LOVE to see your pics when you get them. I'm sure your wedding was absolutely beautiful. Congrats again on being a new Mrs! I'm getting more and more excited for my big day
  7. Oh wow! I am excited to see this post! I too am getting married in Villa Encanto (7/6/12) and was wondering the same thing. Did you find out what to do in this situation? Any other bit of advice you can offer me? I am still looking for photographer, flower vendor, cake, transportation, dance floor rental, tent rental, table/chair rental...ugh the list goes on! What local vendors would you recommend? Congrats on your wedding! I hope it was beautiful!
  8. Thanks for all the valuable information! I am looking for a wedding rehearsal venue/unique idea. Your Epoca suggestion sounds fantastic! Can you remember what your budget was for this and how much was spent for the beach celebration? My wedding party is actually quite similar to yours in size. Thanks so much and Congratulations!
  9. Kat thank you! I really appreciate it!
  10. Hi ladies! I saw great reviews for Elizabeth Lloyd Photography but unfortunately she is unavailable for my wedding in Bucerias July 2012. She recommended her assistant, Yanen Ali. Has anyone here ever worked with Yanen? Do you have other recommendations for me? I am looking at a budget of $2000 for photos. I like photographers that have an artistic eye and can capture beautiful candid moments as well as the more portrait style photographs. Thanks so much!
  11. Hello ladies! I noticed that some of these posts are from years back! I'm hoping that you have some valuable information now that you have lived through it! I am looking for transportation for my guests to the church and back to the reception area. Also, I would like something a little for elegant or unique for some of the members of the wedding party and I. Any suggestions? I am getting married in Bucerias at Villa Encanto. My ceremony is at the Bucerias Cathedral downtown.
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