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  1. Hi Ladies! I haven't found a place for a car rental for the groom and bride. Unfortunately, most of the car rental places don't have "luxury" cars for rent, and the one I found is too expensive for 3 hours only. Have you find a place to rent a nice car?? Please help!
  2. Great Review! Thank you for sharing this incredible moment with us! I can't wait for mine! It looks you had so much fun!! and everything was great! Congratulations and I wish you the best!!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I love your wedding and thank you for posting it! you know how helpful and exciting is for us future PV brides to see these reviews! It get us all excited and makes want our wedding day to come soon! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
  4. Congratulations! and welcome back. I'm glad you likeD Elizabeth Loyd ,her work is amazing! unfortunately she was already bookED for my wedding day! We hope to read your review and see pictures of your big day soon!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS! We're loking forward for your review and pictures!! Welcome back!
  6. Hi Sylvia! Did you get a response from Paulina, is she going to do your wedding?? I hope she's available, when is your wedding? Barefotbeachbride: I think she does trash the dress sessions it all depends on availability, I believe she charges per hour I don't have this information, ask her next time That would be awesome!
  7. Hi Brides! I found this place I called them and e-mailed them but they haven't responded yet! FIRST CLASS CAR RENTAL & PRIVATE TOURS VALLARTA hopefully they respond soon, if they do let me know I hope it helps!
  8. Hi Brides! Do you know a car rental place near marina or hotel zone to rent a nice car for the bride and groom transportation? no limousines! Thank you!
  9. Great duet!! this is exactly what I want for my ceremony I will get in touch with them to see their prices!! Thank you!
  10. There are a couple that interested me Puerto Vallarta Eco-Tours, Expeditions, and Adventure Tours Vallarta Adventures offers dolphin and whale watching, jungle, canopy and air tours, sailing, scuba, snorkeling, and day or night cruises to Las Caletas. Puerto Vallarta Eco-Tours, Expeditions, and Adventure Tours Outdoor Adventure Canopy tours Las Caletas Dolphins Rhythms of the Night Photos & Videos Snorkeling Scuba diving Pirate Shows and Tours, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Pirate shows and tours on board of a ship in PV Mexico. Two wonderful tours you won't forget. Enjoy our tours and be part of the pirate experience, having lots of fun at an unforgettable show Welcome to Pirates of the Bay PV - Official Website - Best Price Guaranteed I don't know how good they are but I hope this info is helpful!
  11. Thank you all! I finally got my contrat! Jillian I'm glad you hired her for 6 hrs I believe is worth it! her work is great and pictures is what you're going to have forever! Hopefully you can share with us to see them once you get married!
  12. When I spoke to Father Gonzalo he told us that we can do the readings in english too, so I don't think you will have a problem with that. I'm still trying to get recent pictures of the flowers that they use in the church hopefully somebody can share the pictures Jessica and Edna are next! hopefully we can have them before your ceremonies!
  13. Hi Meghan! I suggest to ready this threat http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t25255 by amyh she got married there and you can have some information about this church. I also know that the church opens at 4:00pm (central Mexico time) I belive you have to pay something but I'm not really sure this is the number that I have (322) 222-1326 Good luck!
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