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  1. Oh and I would definitely rent the pool bar. Our guests still talk about it. It is amazingly beautiful right by the beach, private bar tender, and you just hook up your ipod to their speakers. Everyone jumped in the pool at the end of the night!!! There is tables and chairs set up wtih candles on it around the dance floor. It ends at 11pm, but on holidays, if you are with older people, that is kind of a nice time to end it. Then we just took off to the beach with music. I wish I could re do the night!
  2. Hello ladies! I just got back this weekend from my wedding at the RIU Vallarta, ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe. We had such a FABULOUS time and it went beyond our expectations! For the hotel....it is beautiful, in a U shape (so everyone finds each other easily and you don't have to schedule things) steakhouse has a great view and the WC is fabulous. She can do anything you ask right up to the last minute. I just got home this morning, so I will post pics and review soon. I was so nervous about the hotel, but don't stress! Our guests said it was the most beautiful, fun wedding they had ever been to. I loved every minute of it! hope this helps! Meghan
  3. Hey Holly! I am getting married at the RIU Vallarta December 30, and I have a private photographer. I just have to pay their day pass into the hotel. So I think it is like sixty dollars or something. I am not sure about the spa. I looked into it, and it sounds like there are separate ones. I am bringing my hair stylist, but I have heard good things about the bride's hair somewhere along teh way on this website. Hope this helps! I am wondering about the steakhouse too. We booked it at 6:45 and then we rented the pool bar at 8:30 and only to 11 they will allow us. I don't want them to go over, I have heard this happening so much before. I wonder if they could book earlier, or if they just have time settings? Also, does anyone know how there tables are arranged? Do you know how many seated per table? Has anyone just rented the second floor? One of the WC said it would be reserved just for us. That would be nice, but I don't think it works that way! Thanks!
  4. That is so exciting! Congratulations!!!! Father Peterson sounds fabulous! did you always plan on having him? I was confirmed at Our Lady of Guadalupe church for Dec 30, but now I can't get ahold of Padre Esteban! He usually takes a little while to respond, but this has been 2 weeks. I know it is really busy down there this time of year, but I am just a little concerned. We also have the hotel on back up, but would love to get married at the church. I can't wait to see pictures!
  5. Hey ladies! Thanks for the info! I am definitely excited to spend New Years in Mexico! We get married the 30th and New Years is the next day, so there will be two very exciting days! I was looking at Las Calentas Rhythm of the Nights New Years Party. I don't know if you heard of it? It is like the regular Rhythm of the Nights (boat ride to Las Calentas, dinner, and a theatre performance) and then there is a DJ beach party and fireworks, open bar. I am staying at the RIU hotel, so I should check in with them also! It is coming up sooo quick! Thanks for your comments!
  6. Hey ladies! I am soo sorry I did not reply earilier to you! And congratulations to those who have got married, soon to be, and Miss. Gleason and Jess who is getting married so soon!!!!! This wedding site has been wonderful, but I posted a couple threads, and I did not get any replys, so I just haven't checked in for awhile! But that is excellent advice, thank you for sharing! I am a little nervous.....Padre Esteban said there was no rehersal. He hasn't told me a lot actually. I am not Catholic, but my fiance is, so I did not know all those materials needed to be supplied too! Yikes! I am definitely going to have to check in about that! I have tried numerous times to call, but it is always Spanish speaking people answering. So I have only contacted him through email. I am the same way, I need things in writing! He really just said "we can offer you this date.." So I am nervous! I don't want all my guests down there, and then some random local marrying us, haha. It is just coming up so soon! I would love to hear your experiences when you get home! It is just such a beautiful church! I fell in love with it when I was down there as a little girl! I would love to be married there, it just seems like it could be a little disasterous though! Thanks girls!
  7. Hi everyone! I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta at the end of December, and we will all be there for New Years. I was wondering if anyone has some good advice on what to do or go for New Years. All the guests are laid back about it and said that we will just see what happens, but I would like to know some options, or possibly book something. If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I am new and I don't know if it was discussed already. I tried flipping through the threads, but couldn't find one. I was wondering if anyone knows a good florist in PV? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Ruth! The Wedding Coordinator at the RIU also suggested the second floor at the Flamingo Steakhouse. Did you have a dance later? I know some people rented the speakers and a bar tender. We are considering this. I have to look a little more into it. Did you see anyone get married in the gazebo?
  10. Hello everyone! Thank goodness for this site! I just joined and feel so much better about planning my wedding already! I have a wedding booked at the RIU Vallarta, but now am looking at a church ceremony and just having a reception at the Vallarta. I am debating about what to do. My only concern with the hotel, is the privacy issue. If anyone got married in the gazebo or on the beach, can you tell me your experiences? Also, any tips on what restraunt to have the reception? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Meghan, and I am so glad I found this website! As you all know, it is so hard to plan a wedding, just going by pictures. Right now I have a hotel wedding booked at the Riu Vallarta, but I have also been in contact with the rev from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Has anyone got married/getting married at this church? If so, how do you confirm that it is booked? He gave me a date that was available, but I have had a hard time trying to get ahold of him. Also, do you know if it is a half hour/full hour mass? Is it private and blocked off? Sorry their are so many questions! I am just really debating between sticking to the hotel wedding, or going to the church. Anyones feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Meghan
  12. Hi everyone! I am so excited I found this site! I am from Cananda and I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta in December 2009!! It is such a beautiful place and as you all know, it is so hard to plan a wedding when you only have pictures to look at. I have already had so many of my questions answered already! I am excited to meet everyone and hear your stories. Happy Planning! Meghan
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