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  1. I am trying to make a decision in regards to the photo packages that the Riu Vallarta offers. I was given a price list and they are charging $450 US for a CD of pictures which is quite steep for my budget; however, this is the most important day of our lives and we want to remember it therefore we are leaning this way. The 12 free pics and negatives that come with the package will hardly cover the pics with our guests and family and bridal party never mind individual pics with Cory and I. Anyways, for those ladies that have purchased the CD, did you pay before the pics were taken when you met
  2. Did any of the Riu Vallarta/Jalisco previous brides arrange for a welcome/rehearsal dinner? If not, what did you guys do for group activities? Was there any type of ceremony rehearsal?
  3. I have decided to use the Pirates of the Bay dinner/booze cruise as our one and only group activity before we tie the knot. We booked our evening dinner/booze cruise through Vallarta Adventures in which I understand is a very reputable company that organizes/coordinates fantastic excursions. I would like to get some feedback from anyone that has been on the evening cruise. Thanks, Heather Riu Vallarta Bride
  4. Hi Ruth, we also have about 30 people in total coming as well. Some had to bail as well given what has happened with the economy over the last few months I'm a pretty laid back as well about the whole thing, but am also a little concerned as we have not been able to make any reservations whatsoever. The only thing I"m sure of is that I have a beach wedding at 5:00 pm no other details have been confirmed. I have been trying to reserve the pool bar for weeks now to no avail, so yesterday I actually had my travel agent email the wedding coordinator directly asking for some sort of ac
  5. Ruth Re: Are there any Riu Vallarta Brides out there?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. My daughter is getting married at the Riu Vallarta on April 22, and we, too, will be arriving on the 18th. Let's try to meet while we're there! I have no idea how many weddings they book for the same day, so it's rather frustrating trying to figure out if there's a big competition for dining times, reception places, et cetera. We have also emailed the Riu wedding coordinator and have received no reply. It's rather scary going all that way and not
  6. Alliegrenier, I see that your wedding date is May 22nd. My date is for April 23rd; however, I have had no communications with the wedding coordinator after several attempts at emails. I have however, had confirmation through my travel agent that everything is booked. My questions for you is, how did you arrange your bar rental already? This is my only concern so far, I'm worried that the pool bar will be rented already by another bride that is booked for the same day?? Also, how do you know where your dinner reception was booked (you mentioned that they accidently booked you at the Jalisco)?
  7. Great advice from all of you. Thanks once again. As I mentioned, we have decided to rent the poolside bar and our travel agent suggested emailing the wedding coordinator to inform them of this so that they can ensure that we have it for the evening; however, I haven't gotten a reply to the emails I have been sending to the wedding coordinators at the resort. Was this something that you booked during your initial onsite meeting with the coordinator once you were at the resort or something that you booked ahead of time?
  8. Wow, thanks ladies, I am definately taking notes, this has all been very helpful. Ava, I used Melanie at Marlin Travel (Spruce Grove) 1 866 302 4587. She has been absolutely fantastic and is very quick to reply to all my questions. Helen, thank you very much for sharing your pictures, what a fantastic looking family you have, your daugher makes a beautiful bride!! Another quick question for you all, what did you guys tip the Wedding Coordinator? Did you tip the photographer seperately? What is standard for this? I have sent a couple of emails to the wedding coordinat
  9. Thanks ladies, this helped a lot. I think we are giong to do the IPOD thing as well and just get a good set of speakers. How long did you guys rent the poolside bar for? I am having my wedding at 4:00 pm followed by pictures afterwards. I was thinking of having a later dinner about 7:30 - 8:00 ish and than head over to the poolside bar from about 10:00 - midnight. There are certainly a lot of night owls with my group, so I"m wondering if maybe I should rent it until 1:00 Anyways, This is just a very draft timeline as I know that it most likely won't follow a definate one once we are there. Doe
  10. I've seen a few Riu Vallarta Brides on here, and am wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions or advice. My wedding is booked for April 23rd, 2009 and we have about 30 guests joining us from April 18th - April 26th. I have not yet heard from the wedding coordinator; although I did email her some time ago. I'm told that they do take quite some time to get back to you, so I'm not panicking yet. I guess my biggest question is that we want to hold a dance after the reception dinner and I'm wondering what Bars are available for rental. Also, we plan to bring an ipod and a set of good spe
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Heather and my fiance and I have our wedding booked at the Riu Vallarta, April 2009. I look forward to reading the awesome tips and suggestions from everyone and also sharing some of my details which may be of some help to you. Congratulations to all past and future brides and grooms..... Heatherbean
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