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  1. I will have to look at my binder when I get home so I can see the cost of the dj. I cant remember...but in regards to the type of music he played, he played current music that had everyone up and dancing all night. He had great sound, lights, overhead projector, smoke, ballons, bubbles. He was a great mc as well.
  2. If you really want a good mariachi I recommend them...I love the big mariachis as well. They were 12 of them.
  3. I believe it was $300 or $400...the $750 is crazy...its too high. Give them a call tell them Jr and Jessica sent you.
  4. Hi Ladies we used Superior Tours for our transportation. They are really great! Â Check out my review:http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/52895/jmiranda-puerto-vallarta-review-lots-of-pics
  5. I had my wedding in PV...check my review:http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/52895/jmiranda-puerto-vallarta-review-lots-of-pics  I loved my photographer and he also did my video. We loved our pictures and the video was amazing!!
  6. Hey I had my wedding in PV check out my wedding review:  http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/52895/jmiranda-puerto-vallarta-review-lots-of-pics  The mariachi we had was amazing. I would definitely recommend them.
  7. How about doing the lazo ceremony and having one of your FSIL's but the lazo on you and future hubby and the other read the lazo ceremony. Here is information on it: LAZO CEREMONY At this the time _________and________ would like to symbolize their union with a Mexican wedding tradition called the Lazo, or Lasso Ceremony. ______and ______ WILL BE BOUND BY_______________________? "The lasso of rosary", symbolizes the inseparable nature of the newly married couple. As part of the ceremony to symbolize unity, a large loop of rosary beads is placed in a figure eight shape around the necks of the couple after they have exchanged their vows. The symbolism of the lasso is to show the union and protection of marriage. Special additional members of the wedding party may be in charge of "lassoing" the Bride and Groom together after they kneel for the wedding prayer. They drape what is usually a white satin circle of cord around the shoulders of the kneeling Bride and Groom, groom's shoulder's first. The lasso may also be tied around their wrists. The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the service. The loop is symbolic of their love which should bind the couple together everyday as they equally share the responsibility of marriage for the rest of their lives. At the end of the ceremony, the lasso is removed by the couple which placed the lasso. The lasso is given to the Bride as a memento of her becoming the mistress of the groom's heart and home and shows their promise to always be together side-by-side. AFTER THE LAZO CEREMONY Let the union of binding together of this lasso of rosary be an inspiration to you both. Remember the holiness necessary to preserve your new family can only be obtained by mutual sacrifice and love.
  8. It want as good as the first one but I enjoyed it especially going out with the girls and making a girls night out.
  9. Very beautiful wedding...you look amazingly beautiful!! Congratulations to the new Mrs.
  10. How about getting outside vendors maybe that will be a savings for you.
  11. I got married at Maria Reina de la Paz church in the Marina. The church is gorgeous and Father Gonzalo is very wonderful. He gaves us a booklet for us to pick our readings and we had a mariachi for the mass and they new all the songs to play at the church.
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