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  1. We had 55 and it was sort of tight at dinner. Im not sure how kelley sets up for larger weddings. Look for a photographer! They seem to book up fast. I think there is a list on this thread. I remember posting what kelley sent to me but I dont have it anymore.
  2. We did the bonfire too! Everyone loved it! I think that everyone should be aware that you can not expect every single detail to go as planned for your destination wedding. You have to go with the flow. And I am one that rated Dreams almost perfect...and yes my DH and I travel alot!
  3. We had half in one tower and half in the other. The only complaint was from a couple in the new tower. There was a leak and the ceiling caved in in the bathroom! They were quickly moved to another room!!
  4. She was the one that suggested it to us when I asked her about the time of sunset. We did have a Sunday wedding though so no one else was at caletas. I am guessing that is why it was so easy. But it seemed like the sunset was earlier than 7. I think you can look online at sunset time and find them specifically. Even with moving up the ceremony an hour I felt rushed with the pics because we were quickly running out of sunlight. If you want to check out my professional pics email me and I will give you the website and password. You can see what the sun was light right after the ceremony.
  5. I was married november 21st and we moved the time up one hour. I would definately do that again...I would want more time for pictures. I would also add on the extra hour!! I did a day after shoot in town too.
  6. Nessa- so true! My hubby and I cut the cake and that's it. I didn't even have a piece. Not sure if anyone did.I sent Kelley soooo many Pics I can't believe she keeps it all straight.
  7. ok I just typed a ton and lost it! here it is in a nutshell. what would I do differently? 1. go out to caletas earlier 2. Add the extra hour 3. be aware that those that have difficulty walking will have trouble here. We had 2 in wheelchairs. favorite part: cant choose one. going to caletas early with my bms, exploring caletas, swimming in the ocean, drinking champagne, getting ready, taking pics, ceremony was awesome, reception dancing, speeches, boat ride back, sooooo much more too!
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by horegan Beautiful Pictures Ladies!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! What was your favorite part of the day and what would you do differently if anything?
  9. rbowman- all you do is send kelley a pic of what you like. She actually puts them together herself. She did such a great job with the bouquets. And the cost resonable.
  10. l would say let him wear what he wants. My DH wore a ivory tommy bahama shirt (short sleeve), the GMs wore same type but from target, my dad wore green, DH dad wore dark blue, my brother (walked me down the aisle too) wore light green. It actually came out great with all the different styles and colors.
  11. let me know if you want to see any other photos of caletas. One thing that you should be aware of...if you have anyone in a wheelchair and cant do stairs..they will have to sit up in the dinner area which still you get a great view from above. We had 2 in wheelchairs and the staff there was great to push them from the boat to the site (it's a haul). The hike is even more steep to the bridal casita but only the people you bring over early will have to do that. The site is just amazing. the girls and I explored that morning, swam in the ocean (super clear), laid in the sun, drank, and ate.
  12. here is the dance floor setup. there is also a bonfire on the other side that had a bunch of chairs all around it.
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