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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by purpleshells beautiful pictures!! I gotta ask, where did you get that diff. level shelving unit..been looking for one like that....the ones ive seen our either too small...are all the same level thank you... we bought the shelving unit at west elm, i don't think they carry it anymore Modern Furniture, Contemporary Furniture & Home Decor | west elm
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie wow, the way you've displayed your pics is fantastic, you have an eye for decorating and incorporating your wedding pics in such a creative and beautiful way. ditto to andi, what color/brand is that awesome grey paint? grey is SO hard to pick out. ive been drooling over grey for our family room ever since i bombed out with the tan i picked originally (boring!!) thank you so much girls.... our bedroom is definitely my favorite part of our home. doesn't really show up well in the pictures but the walls are metallic, we used two diffe
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Elizabeth Medina YAY Milena!!! I know you had said that you liked your photographs but now I really do believe its true. : What a beautiful, beautiful job you did, and your space reflects you and Gerry so well, elegant, relaxed, beautiful, welcoming. I've said it before...art is such a personal thing, and gallery shows and awards are just not where its at for me... but there is NOTHING I like better than knowing that my art is part of the history of such a beautiful new family. I loved seeing this more than I can say. Don't be surprised if I turn up r
  4. thank you....thank you.... everyone!!! you're all so sweet to say such nice things
  5. these are amazing in person! they're metal prints.... they are printed on brushed aluminum
  6. this is a wrapped canvas in the master bathroom, loved the way this came out
  7. these are small little frames (approx 5") in our guest bathroom, it's quite dark in there so the picture didn't come out so great here's a better picture of them
  8. Just wanted to share what we did with our wedding pictures..... I'm fortunate enough to work at a photography studio and was able to go really crazy with all our prints we tried to keep the bulk of everything in our bedroom, didn't want the whole house to look like a shrine to us, lol.... it sure is difficult though, so many gorgeous images so hard not to put them all up all of these were printed on watercolor paper, edges were then torn and the print was float mounted in the frame. the pictures don't do it justice.
  9. amy, you have soooo many amazing details!!! everything is going to be FABULOUS! can't wait to see pics =)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Elizabeth Medina Hola! I just realized that Milena's amazing Mexico wedding was featured on the a the Para Ti Novia website, a blog that is dedicated to "redefining the modern Latina wedding" I knew the feature was planned but somehow I missed seeing the actual interview and was excited to find it today!!! I hope no one minds my sharing that but as a photographer I just love seeing my incredible brides recognized for the rockstars they are and I also was very happy to see the Best Destination Wedding mentioned! Milena, thank you so much for sharing your photo
  11. hey girls... i haven't been on this thread since forever, but i found these really cool pictures of a wedding at the AS. i might be totally re-posting, so sorry if i am, but it would take me an eternity to catch up with all the posts. Here's the link, scroll down to March 24 and 31: Hawes Photography Blog Hawes Photography and Design
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc great planning thread...you had such wonderful ideas...everything looked amazing! did your resort provide your bouquet or did you use and outside florist? it's beautiful! thank you for sharing! tt yup, the resort did a wonderful job.... the flowers looked amazing.
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