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  1. That is what I'm leaning towards. We are going tonight to mens warehouse with the swatches.. Did you think the ck quality of suit was nicer or looked nicer than the studio suits? I might just order them all from studio?
  2. I'm trying decide between the english beige and tropical biege... Originally we were getting a ck suit from mens warehouse for my fi and the groomsmen were just wearing pants from studio. Now become the crazy bridzilla and making them wear suits! My dress is ivory and I'm just afraid the english beige might be to light and the tropical too dark!!! Ah! I've looked at pics. And it can vary so much because of lighting, etc. It's too late to order swatches... Any advice??
  3. Just an update on my dress situation.. The first dress is in and I'm going to try it on again tomorrow. So hopefully I can figure out if I am going to sell it and get either the destiny(#2) or something else. I like number 1 it's just not exactly what I'm wanting in a silhoute. I want more of the mermaid.. Wish me luck! and thanks for all the advice!!
  4. I agree! #2!! It's actually the look I'm going for!!! But it's whichever one you feel most beautiful in!! Good luck!
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I'm going with Neysa although I do have a phone apt with Suzane Morel tomorrow? I think I might have the dreams stylist do my mom's hair and make-up since we can exchanger services.. Thanks again, everyone has been really helpful!!
  6. Sorry, I haven't heard of dj Patino..Good luck!
  7. I posted earlier.. but still second guessing my dress. I might get this other one the destiny by maggie sottero. I've questioned myself since I got home from ordering it. I'd just ran out of time.. Please let me know which one you like best. Thanks so much! The first dress has ripped loops on the corset, so it bunches kind of funny.. And plelase ignore my faces!
  8. We are looking into dj fradal and his prices seem really reasonable. We are also looking into Mijares and Ron Weber(djfunkle). Anyone think that fradal would be a good choice???
  9. Hi Ladies! Just thought I would chime in.. I'm getting married at dreams may 12, 2011. Just getting all the final planning done. I've been reading through this forum forever and it has been soooo helpful. Right now I'm trying to decide between Suzanne Morel or Neysa Berman for hair and make-up. I have a small wedding party, but very picky(I'm a hair stylist),so trying to decide which to go with. And we are also trying to decide on a dj. We are between Mijares, Ron Weber(djfunkle), and DJ fradal. I'm leaning dj funkle, just haven't seen many reviews on him. If anyone has any advice on any of these vendors, I would love to hear it!
  10. We are looking to book a dj for our reception in cabo at dreams. I've read great things about DJ Mijares and Ricardo. But has anyone used Ron Weber(Dj Funkle)? I searched and could only find one review on him. Thanks!!
  11. I'm getting married at Dreams in May. I'm thinking about getting their bronzing treatment the night before. Has anyone done this there and would you recommend them? Thanks so much!!
  12. Thanks. It's mori lee 1603 and the one on the right is maggie sottero destiny. I'm still wondering if I made the right choice!!
  13. Thanks! It's Mori Lee #1603 and the other one is Maggie Sottero Destiny. I'm still debating if I made the right choice!!
  14. Just wanted to post my dress I just ordered. I had the hardest time making a decision. The last pic was the other choice.. Still love them both, but had to place order today!!
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